Why Would a Fox News Anchor Leave to Start His Own Small Business?

How to Use Media to Expand Your Business

For most people, being on the number one cable news show in the world would be the highlight of their career. But on this week’s radio show, I talked with Clayton Morris, a former FOX News anchor and member of the Fox and Friends team.

The people that knew Clayton well thought he was crazy when he left to start his own business, but like so many entrepreneurs, he had a pivotal career moment. He discloses how during the Great Recession he lost his residence in Florida, faced a legal judgement that froze his bank account and ruined his credit.

Clayton was also living in fear because he stated that “you are only as secure as the length of your contract”.  At that important moment, he wanted to create a company that diversified his wealth. He decided to start a business investing and rehabbing inexpensive rental homes.

How to Use Media to Expand Your Business

On the show, Clayton gives advice on how to use media effectively to expand your business. This includes:

  • How to Grow a YouTube Channel to 5 Million Views and 100,000 subscribers. Clayton suggests recording short video answers to common questions that people have in your specialty area. You can build your audience when Google displays these YouTube videos as top answers to search results. Clayton says that if you are afraid to video yourself, just use your voice to narrate or show images of your customers and products!
  • Growing a Podcast From 0 to 10 Million Downloads. Clayton believes that the only way to gain listeners is to niche down. Go narrow rather than deep on something you have alot of experience. Interview people in a specific industry or a local geography.  He also suggests being opinionated so like-minded people can be drawn to your point of view.

Listen to the entire interview to learn from Clayton!

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  1. I guess it shows that even if you are considered successful by other people. No one can stop you from pursuing a business that you want.