In the News: Not Ready to Retire? Graypreneurs Making Big Impact on US Economy

In the News: Not Ready to Retire? Graypreneurs Making Big Impact on US Economy

This week, we learned that greypreneurs (probably should call them graypreneurs here in the U.S.) are a thing. And it’s an increasingly popular economic trend.

As you might guess, this portmanteau simply means entrepreneurs with a little mileage on their engine.

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It seems this boost to the American economy has created a ripe environment for people who might otherwise retire or start thinking about retiring. Instead, they’re starting businesses and finding great success at it.

Check out some of the fascinating numbers from this growing segment of our population.

And do you know who’d be proud of the rise in greypreneurs/graypreneurs? Ronald Reagan.

“Dutch” was a champion for the Americans with a gray streak in their hair. And he always had something witty to say about it. Remember, in a debate he famously said: “I want you to know that also I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”

Well, he also had a lot of things to say that can inspire a lot of small business owners today. Be sure to read our collection of Ronald Reagan quotes for small businesses.

We’ve got more news this week and it’s all included in our weekly roundup below:


Searcy, Arkansas Chosen to Be Featured on Small Business Revolution Season 4

Deluxe Corporation’s half million dollar revitalization prize package, known as The Small Business Revolution — Main Street will be awarded to the town of Searcy, Arkansas. The announcement was made on February 26, 2019.

Marketing Tips

Warning: 48% of B2B Buyers Bored by Most Marketing They See Right Now

Businesses sometimes overuse marketing strategies. Whether B2B or B2C, marketing doesn’t impress customers as before. In fact customers can bore easily of your marketing approach. A recent WHM survey looked at the B2B advertising market. It concluded decision-makers are indeed bored. They want creative and engaging ads as part of their buying journey.

Retail Trends

What is Click and Mortar and How Can It Work for your Business?

Simply put, a click and mortar business is an integrated model that combines both online and off-line operations. Retailers have a website here that customers can shop on but these same folks still have the option of buying products in a brick-and-mortar store. The strategy involved is often called omnichannel.

Social Media

61% of Veteran Small Business Owners Built Their Companies on Facebook

Veterans make up one in 10 small business owners, employing close to 5 million American workers and producing over $1 trillion in sales annually. And increasingly social media is playing a bigger role to grow their business, more specifically Facebook.

Attention: Stop Facebook Messenger from Banning your Page

Guys, this is pretty embarrassing. Last month I got banned by Facebook Messenger because too many people were blocking my Messenger bot. This is what I saw in my Facebook Business Page last month — The error message was: Limits have been placed on Larry Kim  This page is restricted from the use of message tags, subscription and broadcast messaging, and sponsored messages.


You’ll Go Barking Mad Over the Potential in Dog Business Opportunities

Americans spent more money than the combined GDP of 39 countries on their pets in 2018, which was a whopping $72 billion. With such a big market, it is easy to see the big opportunities in the business of all things canine.

73% of All Small Business Teams Will Have Remote Workers by 2028

Traditional fixed places of work, such as the office are detached from the way today’s workforce actually works. This is in part being driven by remote/freelance workers. And according to the third annual “Future Workforce Report” from Upwork, 73% of all teams will have remote workers by 2028.


9 Resources  Where Small Businesses Can Get Free Help With Taxes from a Real Live Person

Tax season can be stressful for small business owners. There’s all the receipts you need to get together and that’s usually just a slice of the other invoices, documents and data that needs to be corralled and made sense of. Sometimes you just need to talk with someone who knows where a piece or two fits into the bigger puzzle.

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