Weird Holidays in April: 13 Your Small Business Should Celebrate

Weird Holidays in April Your Business Can Celebrate

April approaches. And this means warmer weather, buds of spring and Easter beckoning. So celebrate this joyful springtime month. And if you own a small business take note.

You’ll learn a string of weird and wacky holidays are also on tap. And the savviest small businesses use these celebrations to their advantage when marketing.

Weird Holidays in April

Take a look at the following weird holidays in April And decide which ones your business can celebrate.

April Fool’s Day – April 1

No business can afford to miss out on this holiday for practical jokes.

Generate fun. Create good humor. And build great professional relationships. Play goodhearted pranks on your customers or clients. And make them laugh on April Fool’s Day. Use the likes of social media to create engagement with an April Fool’s Day prank to boost your brand’s exposure.

Reading Is Funny Day – April 1

April Fool’s Day shares a day with Reading Is Funny Day. Reading is Run Day aims at showing children that reading is just as fun as modern forms of entertainment. Naturally, you’ll want to think about this if you own a business associated with children or with  books. Think bookshop, children’s book author, children’s entertainer etc. Become involved in Reading Is Funny Day by running special promotions and marking the event.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Day – April 2

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day again presents opportunities for certain kinds of businesses. Manufacturers of peanut butter or jelly, food retailers, cafes, bars and more should actively celebrate the day. Use it to pull in customers who like your product or service anyway.Or use it to encourage non-fans to give it a try.

Burrito Day, April 4

National Burrito Day presents another opportunity for certain kinds of small businesses. And cafes, restaurants, bars and certain food manufacturers should certainly participate. Promote your burrito recipes on your website, social media channels or on boards outside your premises. Draw attention to this weird February holiday and generate more business on April 4.

Pillow Fight Day, April 6

And you can even celebrate pillow fights on Pillow Fight Day. If you manufacturer bed linen, beds or pillows using this day for marketing makes sense. And the same holds true for interior designers. Use your imagination and creativity to weave Pillow Fight Day into your marketing campaigns. And leverage the idea to generate brand awareness.

Be Kind To Lawyers Day, April 9

This wacky April holiday only launched in 2017. But consider celebrating if you run a law office. And raise awareness of your profession. Because participating also shows you’re a fun, engaging lawyer firm which is ‘with the times.’

Barbershop Quartet Day, April 11

This day presents an opportunity for barbers and musicians. Barbershop Quartet Day celebrates barbershop music. The unique style features harmony singing without accompanying music. This style of music originated in the 19th century in American barbershops. Because at the time men used these shops to congregate and socialize.

Barber should celebrate this intriguing April holiday. Host a barbershop quartet show in your shop. And use it to pull in customers to enjoy a day of music, fun and cutting hair.

World Art Day, April 15

World Art Day celebrates fine arts to promote awareness of creative activity around the world. And any business involved in creative products or services should participate in celebrating World Art Day.

These include local artist and businesses making handmade jewelry. But they also include entrepreneurs selling arty products or running an art gallery. So be sure you hashtag World Art Day. And share your enthusiasm towards promoting creativity.

Get To Know Your Customers Day, April 18

And don’t ignore Get To Know Your Customers Day. The day encourages businesses of all sizes and sectors to get to know their customers better.

Use #GetToKnowYourCustomerDay on social media. Or go the extra mile and invite customers and clients to your business to chat with your team. Make the most of this holiday designed to help businesses grow.

Take A Chance Day, April 23

Every year, April 23 marks Take A Chance Day in the US. And this weird but wonderful April holiday encourages people to break out of their comfort zones. So take a chance on achieving an important goal. Businesses should use Take A Chance Day to something ‘out of the box’. And you nurture innovation, creativity and ultimately growth by doing something extraordinary.

Hairstylists Appreciation Day, April 25

You benefit from Hairstylists Appreciation Day whether you’re an independent stylist or run your own salon. So use the day to generate interest in your brand and hair styling services. Run Hairstylists Appreciation Day promotions. And post videos of your stylists busy styling customers’ hair on social media. Use this day dedicated to your creative trade to your advantage.

Independent Bookstore Day, April 27

Not many bookworms can resist exploring an independent bookshop. So if you run an independent bookshop be sure to celebrate and promote Independent Bookstore Day on April 27. Stack books of every genre or topic. And pull in the book lovers to ultimately sell more books.

International Jazz Day, April 30

Promote musicians, artists, record shops and other businesses associated with music. Use International Jazz Day to sell to music lovers.  Study up on this April 30 holiday. International Jazz  Day highlights the diplomatic role this genre of music has played in uniting people around the world.

So promote and celebrate this weird yet wonderful April holiday. And give jazz music and your business the recognition they deserve.


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  1. Finding some reasons to celebrate is a good thing because it allows you to give your customers a reason to celebrate along with you.