Top E-Waste Recycling Tips for Small Business

Top E-Waste Recycling Tips for Small Business

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In 2018, we produced 49.8 million metric tons of e-waste. And a large portion of it includes the kinds of electronic equipment small businesses use. But consider this. Recyclers recover literally thousands of pounds of copper, silver and even gold can be recovered from smart phones alone.

E-Waste Recycling Tips

So check out some top e-waste recycling tips to help you lessen what winds up in landfill.

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Use the Cloud

Purchasing at least some of the software and storage space you use on the cloud helps. You’ll lessen the demands you put on your business computers’ hard drive so they actually last longer. It’s a proactive move so you’ll need to recycle less.

Google Cloud has storage options that make it a reliable green choice. If you’re a little wary of this SaaS model and want to start with a name you can trust, this will work.

Use a Junk Removal Service That Recycles

If your business is big enough that you produce e-waste on a regular basis, junk removal companies can handle the recycling for you. Lots of small business owners don’t have the time to research local drop off points in their municipalities. Companies like Junk King offer e-waste removal and recycling services. You can text them a photo of everything from computers, to monitors and printers to get started.

Contact the Manufacturer

The chances are you can contact the manufacturer of your electronics and/ will have  an E-waste recycling program. Industry-leading companies like Best Buy have even set goals for their version. They want to recycle 200 pounds of e-waste by the end of / 2020.

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Ramp Up the Culture

Having everybody onboard by adopting a good E-waste recycling culture helps. One excellent method is to celebrate these recycling goals. Having an employee lunch when certain targets are met is a great way to bring everyone together under a green banner.

Destroy Data

One of the concerns your supervisors and managers might have is about sensitive data and recycling. Everyone’s anxieties about company secrets falling into the wrong hands can be smoothed over. You need to hire a company that destroys your data before recycling.

Make it a DIY project by selecting one of the data destruction offerings here.

Upgrade Electronics

You may be able to run an end play around E-waste recycling or at least put it off by upgrading the electronics you have. Software upgrades and additional memory and hard drives can keep your small business electronics running for quite some time.

Don’t Forget Packaging

Sometimes small business owners forget the cardboard boxes and plastic packaging the electronics come in when they go to recycle. You can establish a few collection bins at your business for this E-waste. Or, you can designate someone to put that waste in the proper containers for the regular recycling.


Recycling is good for the planet. Reusing old cell phones and other electronics that still have some use is even better. There are lots of donation sites that put your old phones to good use.

Check Your Local Options

Chances are your municipal or state government has some kind of recycling options for your business needs. Here’s an interactive map you can use to check out the options in your area.

Ask the Right Questions

If you’re planning on outsourcing your recycling, prepare a list of questions. Find out if the company you are considering has the right credentials like an ISO 14001 environmental management certificate.

If the E-waste recycling company outsources, be cautious if they say their partners are confidential. Ask about the records they keep and where they ship to.


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