Study Shows How Apprehensive Younger Employees Are About Drug Screening

Employees Drug Test Concerns: The Companies with the Highest Worries

The drug laws across the country are currently in a fluid state as more communities relax the rules they have in place. For small businesses who want to carry out drug screening tests of their employees, these are challenging times.

A new report from JDP analyzed how young workers are coping with the issue of drug screening in their workplace. While the data looked at 150 of the largest employers and best-known brands in America, it also applies to businesses of any size. This is because it is the employees who are part of the study.

As a business owner, you have the right to know if your employees are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This will protect you from additional liabilities and it will ensure the safety of the workplace and your clientele. But as new drug laws are passed, you have to know what your rights and that of your employees are moving forward.

The report from JDP was based on searches carried out on Google related to queries about drug testing at specific companies. Terms such as “does <company> drug test,” “does Walmart drug test,” and “does Whole Foods drug test” were looked into.

The company said the search volume captured represents a rolling 12-month average for each specific term. Employees per search identifies at least one Google search per month happening per listed number of employees. Lower numbers mean more searches per employee.

Companies with the Highest Number of Searches

The study looked at companies across many industries including fast food, tech, superstores, groceries, apparel, and others.

The highest number of searches comes from the grocery segment with Aldi getting 13. Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods had 64 and 87 respectively.

Employees Drug Test Concerns: The Companies with the Highest Worries

When it comes to fast foods, Sonic Drive-in had 46. This was followed by McDonald’s at 49 and Panera Bread with 84. Remember lower numbers mean more searches per employee.

In the tech industry, Amazon had the highest number of searches with 83, followed by Tesla at 94 and Apple with 167.

Overall the banking industry fared best with Bank of America and Chase getting 548 and 1129 respectively.

You can take a look at the entire list in the graph below.

Employees Drug Test Concerns: The Companies with the Highest Worries

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  1. And as minimum wages increase and these jobs become more desirable the number of companies drug testing will go up.

  2. I think it is not the fear of being found but finding it unecessary and a hassle to get tested.