20 Home Office Ideas on a Budget

20 Home Office Ideas on a Budget

With telecommuting, internet connectivity and cloud-based technology rapidly advancing, and the productivity-enhancing benefits of remote working being increasingly recognized by employers and business owners, it comes as little surprise that the number of Americans working from home continues to rise.

Statistics from the US Census showed that around 8 million people – 5.2% of the working US population worked at home in 2017, up from 5% in 2016 and 3.3% in 2000.

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Home Office Ideas on a Budget

If you’re amongst the millions who work from home or run a small business from home and you’re wanting to improve your home working environment, take a look at the following 20 home office ideas on a budget.

Paint the Walls

You may be surprised at the difference painting the walls can bring to a home office. Go for vibrant tones and patterns for a cost-effective way to inject greater vibrancy and motivation into your home office.

Place Plants in the Office

One way to make your home office inviting and attractive that definitely won’t break the bank is to place plants and flowers in the room and effectively bring the outdoors indoors.

Get Some Exercise

Why not stave off the negative health effects of a desk job by ‘killing two birds with one stone’ by turning your home office into a mini gym? Yoga balls are inexpensive and, if you use them in your office chair, will mean you’re active and exercising as you work.

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Ensure There’s Plenty of Daylight

Studies show that daylight can help boost creativity levels by as much as 15 per cent. Give your creativity, productivity and wellbeing a boast by letting in more daylight by ensuring windows are clear of clutter that might obstruct daylight from entering the room, or, moving your home office to an area with more windows.

Opt for LED Lighting

Office lighting should never be overlooked. Forget energy-zapping fluorescent lighting. Instead opt for LED lighting that has never looked as stylish and brings a warm, cheery, calming glow to your home office. Did we mention, LED bulbs are cheaper than traditional lightbulbs too?

Get Organized

Another inexpensive way to update a home office environment is to simply get organized. From throwing out unnecessary paperwork to introducing filing cabinets into your office, take the time to organize your home working space and instantly reap the rewards of being clutter-free.

Get Faster Internet

The majority, if not all, home offices require an internet connection. Moving to a faster internet provider can be one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the productivity of your home office.

Be Inspired with Artwork

Inject some creativity and visual inspiration into your home office by hanging appealing, colorful and decorative artwork on the walls.

Store Files in the Cloud

Rather than relying on paperwork that takes up space, why not move your documents to the cloud. Storing vital paperwork electronically will create endless more space in your home office.

Upgrade Your Office Devices

Improving your home office on a budget shouldn’t be confined to the décor and design. Give your productivity a boost by upgrading the tech of the office by swapping a wired mouse for a wireless version, and investing in a Bluetooth keyboard, for starters.

Find the Right Space in Your Home

Perhaps your current home office doesn’t benefit from the likes of ample daylight, quality lighting and inspiring décor? Rather than remodeling your current office space, have a look round your house and see if there’s a more suitable area you could turn into a productive, creative and inspiring home office.

Strive to Save Energy in Your Home Office

Without any commute to work, working from home is an extremely cost-efficient way to work but is not without its expenses.

One idea to create a more budget-conscious home office is to endeavor to make energy savings such as activating power management settings on devices, using energy efficient equipment and switching to a cheaper energy provider.

Use a Calendar

Help make your working day, week, month, even year more organized by hanging a calendar in a prominent location so you never miss  important meetings and deadlines.

Introduce a Music System

Having background music playing as you work can help give some people a boost and alleviate some of the loneliness people can feel whilst working from home on their own. Equip your home office with a music system to give you some company throughout the day.

Make Good Use of Mirrors

Bounce the light around the office by hanging mirrors on the wall that will also create a trendy, funky look in the office.

Equip the Office with a Coffee Maker

Drinking cups of coffee or tea throughout the day give us a well-earned break. Make your coffee breaks as efficient as possible by having a coffee maker in your home office.

Make Your Office Cozier

Cozy office spaces are inviting and welcoming. If your home office lacks the cozy factor, make it more inviting by placing a rug on the floor, putting cozy lamps on the desk and implementing other interior design tricks to make a space significantly cozier.

Have an Adjustable Desk

Sitting at a desk at home all day can wreak havoc on your back. Improve your posture while working at home by having an adjustable desk.

Use Surge Protectors

Don’t get caught out and left without a vital device by a damaging electrical surge by protecting vital home office equipment with surge protectors.

Have a Pet

If you tend to get lonely while working from home, think about buying a pet. Though be mindful – a demanding puppy bounding round the office all day might be a tad distracting.

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