5 Amazing Summer Energy Saving Hacks for Your Small Business

5 Amazing Summer Energy Saving Hacks for Your Small Business

Now is the time for small businesses to start preparing. Warm weather approaches. And you don’t want to be surprised when your energy bills arrive on your doorstep.

Get help in your quest to save energy and cut costs this summer. Check out the five useful summer energy saving hacks for your small business below.

Summer Energy Saving Hacks

Switch to High Efficiency Toilets

Summer heat waves can result in droughts and water shortages. These have become increasingly common in the United States. And toilets account for almost 30% of water consumption in a home.

It doesn’t matter whether you work from home or run your business in a commercial space. Switch to an energy efficient toilet. This ensures you conserve water. So it makes your business more environmentally and corporately responsible. But it also helps you significantly reduce your energy bills.

Cover Windows with Blinds or Drapes

And don’t forget one of the simplest energy saving hacks in the summer months. Eliminate large amounts of sunlight from filtering into the workspace.

Direct sunlight filtering into a commercial office, workshop, shop, home office or any type of business premises, can result in a team of hot, bothered, irritable and unproductive workers.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, around 76% of sunlight which falls on standard double-pane windows enters a room to become heat. Correctly-managed window coverings can significantly reduce heat gain in a room, meaning businesses are not as reliant on energy-consuming fans or air-conditioning to cool down a room.

Instead of leaving the windows in your business bare and therefore letting sunlight enter the room, cover them with blinds or drapes. Such coverings will stop direct sunlight from entering the room and absorb some of the heat, keeping working spaces cooler and employees happier.

You can always keep the windows open, or partially open, behind the coverings so a breeze comes into the room.

Maximize Air Conditioner Efficiency

By contrast, if your small business does rely on air conditioning in the summer, the efficiency of the air conditioner should be maximized and that means closing windows and doors to keep warm air out.

Always make sure you switch the air conditioner off at night and during other times when the premises are vacant so you’re not wasting energy.

Ditch the Freezers for Ice Makers

Ice-cold drinks are essential in a working environment when it’s scorching outside to keep staff well refreshed. If you rely on ice to keep you and your staff cool in the summer, you may want to consider using an ice-maker rather than a freezer.

A general comparison of ice makers and freezers shows that ice makers use 350 kWh per month compared to freezers which use 2,200 kWh per month. The most economic ice makers are the ones that handle large volumes of ice. Commercial ice makers make a great addition to businesses that operate in catering or hospitality, such as hotels, bars and restaurants.

Conduct an Energy Audit

If you’re serious about saving energy this summer, then conduct an energy audit at your small business. The audit should involve taking meter readings around the premises, so you keep an eye on energy consumption and identity areas where savings can be made.

Implementing these energy saving hacks in your business will help you cut costs this summer as well as in the summers to come.

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