Weird Holidays in May: 13 Your Small Business Should Celebrate

Weird Holidays in May Your Business Can Celebrate

Lemonade Day promotes Young Entrepreneurs. And World Password Day celebrates the importance of good passwords. But crazy and intriguing national holidays fill the sunny month of May. And they provide excellent opportunities for small businesses. They can promote their products and services. And thus it provides small businesses the opportunity to sell, sell, sell.

Weird Holidays in May

Don’t believe us? Check out the following weird holidays in May your business can celebrate.

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Loyalty Day, May 1

Americans observe Loyalty Day each May 1.  It celebrates “Reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and for the recognition of the heritage of American freedom.”

Businesses can get involved by running Loyalty Day campaigns. And they can run promotions to thank their loyal customers and clients. These can include offers, discounts and even freebies.

Life Insurance Day, May 2

Life insurance brokers and firms can really go to town on National Life Insurance Day. And this national holiday marks the anniversary of the first day life insurance became available in the United States. But life insurance companies can get involved by recognizing and promoting a day that celebrates their services.

World Password Day, May 2

World Password Day was launched as a means of raising awareness. It recognized the importance of creating good passwords in an age of ever-increasing cyber threats.  And IT companies, anti-virus developers and just about any business involved in IT and cyber security should promote World Password Day.  They can also promote the importance of cyber security and their own IT brand.

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Star Wars Day, May 4

Star Wars Day celebrates the iconic Star Wars franchise. And its date is based on the pun ‘May the Fourth be with you.’ So naturally, toy merchants should make a fuss of Star Wars Day. Because they can promote their Star Wars-related products.

Lemonade Day, May 5

Lemonade Day promotes young entrepreneurs. And it has become a well-established global youth enterprise program. Because it devotes time to teaching leadership and business skills. It encourages youngsters to launch their own lemonade business. So other businesses should show awareness of this enterprising day. And share content centered on Lemonade Day Promoting Young Entrepreneurs.

No Diet Day, May 6

Calling all café owners, restauranteurs, food kiosk operators, or any business associated with food… Go to town celebrating and promoting No Diet Day on May 6, which represents the almost half-way mark into the year, a thereby half a year on from we when made our New Year’s Resolutions.

Clean Up Your Room Day, May 10

Anyone who runs their own cleaning business or makes or sells cleaning products should make the most of the National Clean Up Your Room Day. Use #CleanUpYourRoomDay to promote your products or services in the run up to this weird national holiday in May.

Dance Like A Chicken Day, May 14

Small business owners can use their imagination and have fun with Dance Like A Chicken Day. Retailers, eatery establishments, market stall holders and more, should make the most of this weird national holiday by inviting customers to perform the “chicken dance” in return for discounts, freebies and more.

National Bike to Work Day, May 17

Encourage a healthier, environmentally-friendly workforce by celebrating and promoting National Bike to Work Day on May 17. Motivate teams to cycle to work instead of taking the car by offering prizes, bonuses and other attractive incentives.

The fact your business is involved in Bike to Work Day will go a long way in boosting staff morale and loyalty, not to mention ensuring your business is seen in an eco-friendly, sustainable light.

Be A Millionaire Day, May 20

Small businesses of virtually all industries can use the national Be A Millionaire Day to help motivate their teams to sell more, increase productivity and ultimately make more profits.

Wine Day, May 25

An especially popular national holiday that takes place in May is National Wine Day. If you run a bar, restaurant, club, pub or are a wine merchant or maker, use National Wine Day to encourage wine enthusiasts to enjoy a glass or two of your wine in a day dedicated to the much-loved beverage.

Hamburger Day, May 28

National Hamburger Day celebrates what has become a staple food of Western civilization – the hamburger!

Food retailers, cafes, bars, restaurants and, most of all, burger bars, should exploit National Hamburger Day to pull in the punters and entice them to sample their delicious hamburgers.

Water A Flower Day, May 30

Another weird and wacky national holiday that’s celebrated in the United States in May is Water A Flower Day. This yearly holiday is designed to act as a reminder of the joy flowers bring.

For florists, gardeners and retailers that sell flowers, Water A Flower Day brings opportunities to promote their flower-focused products and services.

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  1. These holidays can also give you a reason to treat your customers to a little something. Celebrations always help to liven up your business.