Planning a Direct Marketing Campaign? Here are 10 Services Small Businesses Should Consider

10 Direct Mail Services for Small Businesses

Use a tried and true way to promote your small business like direct mail marketing campaigns. These help you promote specific services or products. But they also build relationships with existing and new customers. And they call upon customers to act ultimately helping you sell more.

A direct mail marketing survey revealed 42% of recipients read or scanned the 150 million plus direct mail promotions sent in 2015. And 54% of the consumers surveyed said they want to receive mail from brands they are interested in.

Do you want to embark on a direct mail marketing campaign? Or do you want to improve the effectiveness of your direct mail efforts? Then take a look at the following 10 direct mail services below. They will help enhance the success of this long-established form of marketing.


Vistaprint offers a highly-efficient all-in-one postcard mailing service. And it enables small businesses to design their own postcard. But you can also choose an address list and send a direct mail campaign. And you can do all this conveniently from the Vistaprint website. You’ll find more than 4,000 postcard templates available. And this means finding the right design for your business shouldn’t be too difficult.

Vistaprint also allows you to target your customers using different variables. And these include age, estimated income and gender. (PFL) offers a bulk mailing service. And it includes the designing, printing and mailing of numerous products. So this could help your small business reach potential and current customers. And it could increase brand awareness and sales.

PFL has a number of templates to choose from and provides assistance with the different aspects of the direct mailing process. You can also take advantage of other features, such as receiving product samples and selecting eco-friendly product options.

Cactus Mailing

Cactus Mailing specializes in the print and mailing of marketing brochures and postcards. The company also provides tracking options and mailing lists so you can see the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign to help you reach more customers.

Modern Postcard

Modern Postcard has an extensive range of direct mailing products designed to help small businesses increase sales through eye-catching and effective direct mail marketing. The company has an in-house team of designers that will work with you to create the mailer you’re looking for. Modern Postcard handles the entire direct mailing process for you.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

EDDM is a do-it-yourself marketing platform designed to help businesses grow through simple and effective direct mail marketing. With EDDM you can use powerful geographical and demographic filters to reach the best prospects. Small businesses can also choose a free template or get a professional design and schedule their preferred delivery dates with EDDM’s built-in calendar.


PsPrint has a wide range of direct mail options for small businesses, including flyers, brochures and postcards. Like Vistaprint, PsPrint has targeted business options, as well as fast shipping, meaning you’re not left waiting for your direct mail to be sent out.

US Mailing House

US Mailing House offers a turn key direct mailing service in which the company’s in-house team takes care of the whole process. The direct mailing consultants will advise you on the creation of the marketing products to compiling of a targeted mailing list designed to distribute your message to the people who matter.

The Mail Shark

The Mail Shark helps small businesses compile an effective direct mail marketing strategy through targeted mailing lists, mailing area analysis, custom design, direct mail printing, flexible payment options, in-house USPS mail verification and postage and delivery confirmation.

The company prides itself on helping businesses throughout the US reach their customers on any budget.

Print Label and Mail

Print Label and Mail offers complete direct mail marketing packages that include the design of bulk mail postcards, the printing, the creation of bulk mail lists, bulk mail preparation, post office drop off and postage.

The company also provides product samples, enabling you to take a look at the quality of the products before sending them out to existing and prospective customers.

Click 2 Mail

Click 2 Mail offers a full range of direct mail services to cater for different businesses marketing objectives and budgets. As well as working on the design of the mailing items, Click 2 Mail’s Mailing List Center helps provides businesses with the tools to pinpoint and purchase a high-quality and reliable mailing list in the matter of minutes.


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