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How to Get Customers to Your Small Business

How to Get Customers to Your Small Business

As a new business owner, the question that keeps you up at night is: How will I get my first customers? The specific answer varies depending on the type of business you have. However, the basic steps are the same: identify your target customers, find out where they spend their time, get on their radar so they’re aware of your business, and once they buy from you, be sure you deliver on your promises.

How to Get Customers

Here are some more specific ideas for ways to get your first customers for your startup business:

For a Freelancer Providing Graphic Design, Software Development, or Marketing Copy

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For a Business-to-Business (B2B) Product or Service Provider

For a Business with Local Customers, Such as a Restaurant, a Retail Store or Beauty Salon

Digital Options

Need more ideas? Check out 50 Marketing Channels to Use to Reach Customers [14] and (for retailers) 50 Tips on How to Get More Customers to Your Store [15].

Build on your First Customers

Once you get those precious first customers, be sure to deliver on what you promised. B2B businesses can ask customers to sign up to receive emails from you, follow you on social media, join your customer loyalty program, and otherwise stay engaged with your business. B2B businesses can ask customers for referrals and testimonials to help attract other customers.

Build on your first customers’ satisfaction to create lasting relationships with them. Getting your first customers will have a snowball effect that leads to more customers — and to lasting success for your business.

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