Where to Sell Art Online – 24 Great Spots

Where to Sell Art Online

The online art market remains enigmatic and a fantastic resource for artists to sell their creations to art lovers from all over the world. According to the latest figures published by the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report, online art sales reached an estimated $4.64 billion in 2018, up 9.8% from the year before.

But where can artists sell their work online? We had previously listed 24 places where independent artists can sell their artwork on the internet, but since that article was published some of those places have closed while other new excellent platforms have opened. Many others are still going strong but may have updated their commissions, fees or other such information.

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Where to Sell Art Online

So here is an updated list of where to sell art online in 2019.


Artists can sell their art with no commission due online at Artplode. Instead of taking a commission, the site allows artists to list each piece for a one-off fee of $60. As well as art lovers among the general public, galleries and dealers also do business at Artplode, with the site providing a direct contact between buyer and seller.


It only takes a few minutes to open a shop on ArtFire where unique creations by independent artists and small businesses from around the world can be sold. The site has different plans in which artists can list items for just a few cents each or stock a shop with thousands of items and make bigger savings.


Minted allows artists to submit their artwork and use the site as a testing ground for new ideas. People comment and vote on submissions, with the winning designs then sold with the artists receiving a portion of the sale. Winners also earn a store on the site where they can launch and sell new artwork.

Prophetics Gallery

This site celebrates Prophetic and Christian fine art. It has over 100 artists, artisans, and craftsmen from over 15 countries with hundreds of products listed on the site. Artists sell originals in the online Prophetics Gallery, with the site marking the artist’s asking price up by 50% which is the commission they keep, thus allowing the artist to receive the full amount they originally wanted.

Our West Virginia

Our West Virginia is unique as it celebrates Appalachian artists. Artisans that catch the spirit of Appalachia can sell items on Our West Virginia. There is nothing to pay until you make a sale, with the site only taking their 12.5% commission from your total sales.


Paintings and prints, photography, drawings and illustration, digital art, sculptures and carvings and more can be sold on ArtPal. They have works from over 102,000 artists, none of whom have to pay a membership fee. Artpal also offers the option of handling all printing and handling processes at no extra cost to the artist.

Deviant Art

There are hundreds of millions of unique pieces of art listed on Deviant Art. Artists can exhibit, promote and network with art enthusiasts and fellow artists, as well as sell prints and digital downloads of their work.


AbsoluteArts offers various ways for artists to sell and promote their paintings, sculptures and photographs. There are three levels including a free sign-up that incurs a 35% in commission for each sale. Then there is the Midlevel or Premiere subscriptions of $55 and $100 a year respectively, both of which include significant reductions in the commission amounts. Perfect for frequent sellers.


Direct2Artist is a platform that supports independent artists and offers a variety of payment options including a basic version for free. Paid monthly subscriptions then range from $9 to $49 per month and include more storage space, marketplace and AR app promotion, plus shipping support.

Riot Art

Riot Art describes itself as being for the ‘next generation collector’. Emerging artists can list original artwork on the site. Riot Art doesn’t charge a listing fee but takes 35% in commission from each sale.


SculptSite is a sculpture-only site that allows buyers to purchase directly from the artist. You can create a free account that allows 12 submissions, though there are also paid subscriptions of $34 and $49 per year which allow for unlimited submissions, with the latter subscription including weekly viewer stats.


Artists can list their artwork on MadeUrban, as well as creative services and events. They also provide lots of selling and marketing advice. The site does not charge listing fees or commission, making it an economical choice for artists to sell their work.


NewBloodArt is specifically designed for ‘outstanding emerging artists’ who can sell their original works on the site. An artist’s page on the site is free and sellers can set the prices of the art themselves with NewBloodArt taking a commission. The site also offers advice on sale prices ‘where appropriate’.


Artfinder has a global reach of 500,000 art lovers and allow each artist to fully control their Artfinder store. They take a commission from each sale but do not charge any fees up front. They also provide performance stats and insights for each artist’s store.


Artists can sell original art or reproductions on this gallery website. Users are promoted through the Galleryfy gallery page and on social media. Artists do not pay a fee to sell their work but the site takes 25% in commission.

Fine Art America

Sell your original art and prints at Fine Art America, which boasts that it is the ‘world’s largest online art marketplace’. It only takes a few clicks to open an account, upload images of your art, set your prices and begin selling your art. Their commission works as a base price that they set, with each artist then marking-up the overall price to whatever they wish.

Ideel Art

If you produce abstract art, Ideel Art might be the right site for you. The artists represented on Ideel Art are typically mid-career and already established. The site pays for the shipping costs of the artwork and takes a commission of the price.

Gallery Today

Gallery Today is a great site for artists to list their paintings and sell original artwork to art lovers all over the world. It takes a 30% commission on each sold piece, and the art sold on the site is ordered by a variety of factors such as subject, style, size and medium.

Got Artwork

Artists can sell original work as well as reproductions on Got Artwork. Artists can list paintings, photography, drawings, digital art, sculptures and mixed media. Got Artwork also offers a range of monthly plans including a basic one for free, a $35 per year plan with access to extra features, and a Gold plan that costs $215.88 per year and includes your very own top level domain name.


Yessy allows artists to sell paintings and prints, sculptures and carvings, drawings and illustrations, photography and more on its site. For $59 per year, the artist uploads their artworks or an unlimited number of photos onto Yessy and receives the full commission for each sale. There is also a 14-day free trial.


Artists, photographers and graphic designers can sell their work on Zazzle. This free marketplace allows artists to set their own royalty rates and sell their products. When a customer buys art uploaded by an artist, Zazzle processes the transaction, prints the art and ships it to the customer before paying the artist the agreed upon percentage of the sale.

My Best Canvas

My Best Canvas is an online art gallery which specializes in selling original paintings signed by the artist. The site offers free worldwide shipping to customers. They charge their artists $4.16 per month (just under $50 per year) but take no commission from the sales. They also have a 15-day free trial.


Singulart features tens of thousands of original artworks, made by established and emerging artists from all around the world. Launched in 2017, Singulart has a very international flavor, plus they have a dedicated team that work to support artists and collectors alike.


Pictorem provides a free online gallery for artists who want to sell prints of their paintings, photos and artistic reproductions online. They ship art to more than 200 countries, plus Pictorem lets artists set the prices that they want for their pieces and only charge for the printing costs.

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  1. Wow. I didn’t know that there are so many new places to sell art now. I am a deviantart and tumblr girl and I still think that it is the place for artists. I have a lot to learn.

  2. I think that art is making more money than it did before. But you need to be able to adjust to the times. The demand is out there so go ahead and grab it.

  3. I know of a particular artist and she keeps on insisting on selling her wares the traditional way. But that only prevents her from succeeding. The sad thing about it is that she is resistant to change.

  4. Etsy.com is also a place to sell art. I don’t sell art myself but I’ve only read good things about it. 3.5% transaction fee, tools, and services to manage and promote your business. No monthly fees.

    Doesn’t have to be “art”, anything handmade can be sold there.

  5. High I’m Bryan Aldridge looking to sell my work on line I’m interested in portrait/landscape paintings and am ready to start selling my work on this site and am hoping to get feed back all the best .

  6. Bit surprised you didnt include Artplode in your list of recommended places for people to sell art. On Artplode NO COMMISSION is charged to buyers or sellers founded in 2014.
    On Artplode artists collectors and galleries can list artworks for a low one time fee of $60. Artworks must be priced at $1000+.
    Artplode is a unique opportunity for talented emerging artists to list their art for sale alongside artworks by Picasso Miro Warhol Basquiat and other masters.
    Currently more than $10m in artworks is for sale on the Artplode website from sellers in more than 50 countries.

  7. Very good article for original art. After reading this article I got some more ideas to expand my business. This way can get your painting or art sold fast too.

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