10 Expert Tips for Creating an Effective Online Presence for Your Small Business

10 Expert Tips for Creating an Effective Online Presence for Your Small Business

Today, every business needs an online presence. Whether you run a local business or sell products online, a website, social media and other online profiles can help you reach a larger audience. Whether you’re just starting to build an online presence or looking to step up your efforts, here are some tips from members of the online small business community to help.

Create More Effective Instagram Videos

Video is the perfect outlet for getting a unique message across to your potential customers. If your target audience is active on Instagram, then you should be utilizing video on that platform. But how can you make your videos more effective? Joe Forte explains in this UpCity post.

Use Organic Social Media as a Base for Paid Marketing

It’s true that ads and paid promotions on social media can help you increase your reach significantly. However, you can’t really make use of these options without a solid base of organic social media content. John Jantsch explores this concept in this Duct Tape Marketing post. And the BizSugar community discussed it further here.

Fix Your Local SEO Mistakes

When you’re trying to reach local customers online, you need to be very careful when shaping your SEO strategy. There are tons of mistakes that impact businesses and make their efforts less effective. Gary Shouldis outlines some of them in this 3Bug Marketing post.

Target Adjacent Markets with Smart Risk Taking

If you want to expand your target audience, it helps to look into adjacent markets that are very similar to your current customer base. But it’s important to do this without alienating your current customers. That takes some smart risk taking, according to Ben Gibson of Marketing Land.

Leverage the Full Potential of On-Site Search

A search function is important for any website. It helps your visitors find specific types of content they’re looking for, providing a better experience overall. But simply having a search bar may not be enough. To make the most of this function, check out this Search Engine Journal post by Jes Scholz.

Get Inspiration for your Landing Page Designs

Landing pages can help you provide a more targeted experience for your website visitors, making it easier to purchase or convert into paying customers. If you’re interested in making use of this tactic for your website, see the examples in this DIY Marketers post by Lana Miro.

Examine the DNA of Shareable Content

If the content you create on your blog or website is shareable, you can extend your reach significantly. But what separates great shareable content from the rest? This Social Media HQ post by Christian Zilles includes a full explanation.

Embrace Different Ways of Promoting Your Business

If you always stick to the same methods for promoting your business, you’ll continue to get the same results. So if you want to grow, you need to embrace new methods, according to Lisa Sicard of Inspire to Thrive. BizSugar members also offered commentary on the post here.

Stop Making Simple Mistakes with Your PR Pitches

PR pitches can help you gain more attention for your business both online and off. But if you make mistakes with your pitches, they may not have the impact that you’d like for your business. Learn about the most common mistakes and how to avoid them in this RightMix Marketing post by Rachel Leist.

Create Content That Attracts Customers

Quality content can really help you step up the impact of your website and online presence. But it’s important to consider exactly how your content can attract your target customers, rather than creating generic posts. In this Social Media Examiner post, Michael Stelzner dives into what constitutes quality content.

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  1. Online presence is more than just a website. It is also about engaging with your target market.