PepsiCo Launches Lab to Help Small Food Service Operators Go Digital

Newly Launched PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Lab Aims to Enhance Food Service Customer Experiences

The digital revolution has changed the world. And that includes the food industry. And technology has worked out well for customers. But food services haven’t fared as well.  Some seem slow to adapt new technology. And the available technology remains limited anyway.

But one of the largest brands in the industry may change all that. PepsiCo Foodservice just launched PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Lab to address the issue. And the first-of-its-kind software should help food service operators thrive in the digital era.

The lab connects operators with companies. But it also hooks them up with information, services and tools. And these resources help operators adapt more quickly to the digital world. Take the thousands of small business food service operators. Now they can get new technology. And this will improve their operations.

Scott Finlow serves as Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo Foodservice. And Finlow explains the new software in a press release. He says digital technology has disrupted everything for the industry. And this includes the way people order, eat and experience food and beverages.

So now PepsiCo plans to help food service operators use technology to boost their operations. Finlow adds, “PepsiCo is helping our customers stay ahead of the curve in regard to understanding the latest technology and consumer trends impacting the food service industry. With the customer-focused Digital Lab, we created a one-stop service for operators to access the resources and knowledge needed to drive a better consumer experience and impactful business results in the digital era.”

The Challenge of Adopting Digital Technology

PepsiCo says 47% of food service operators remain unsure about the longevity of emerging technology. And some wonder whether it’s here to stay. But the company says 63% food service operators still insist they will upgrade their technology in 2019.

Still implementing the technology remains more complicated than it should be. And many operators express frustration with the process.

PepsiCo maintains a presence on both the front and back side of the industry. And the portfolio of products and services it offers gives the company an insight into the entire ecosystem. This includes addressing the pain points of many operators. And that applies especially to small businesses.

PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Lab

PepsiCo Digital Lab plans to teach food service operators to identify the technology they need. And then help them successfully deploy it. The company says this process involves four components.

  • Digital Insights: PepsiCo plans to share unique insights with its customers. And use its propriety and partner inputs. This includes how their target demographics use digital technology.
  • Digital Playbooks: It make no difference if you’re a local mom and pop shop or a global chain. Because the lab makes digital technology approachable, achievable and effective.
  • Digital Activation: PepsiCo plans to work with small operators to activate digital solutions. And these online ordering and delivery platforms help increase beverage and snack sales.
  • Digital Innovation: PepsiCo also plans to introduce new technology into customer platforms. And this includes tools like voice. Other tools include augmented reality and machine learning. And all fit into this new initiative.

PepsiCo partnered with Grubhub and Mobivity to identify the challenges food service operators will likely face. And the partnership alsp aims to find solutions. The Digital Lab resolves the friction points restaurants experience during online orders and deliveries. And it finds opportunities to improve services for brands. So they can deliver personalized experiences.

Goody Seif, Senior Director, Business Development at Grubhub, said, “The insights already gained have identified new opportunities to ensure beverages are top of mind for orders on our platform, and we’re continuing to collaborate on ways Grubhub and Pepsi can work together on co-branded incentives moving forward.”

Image: PepsiCo

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