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Sick and Tired Of Being Held Back in Your Business? Read This

What Holds You Back?

Last week I upgraded to the Samsung S-10 Galaxy phone after having the S-7 phone for many years. It got me thinking, “what else am I holding onto that is keeping me back?”.

For months I resisted spending the $1,000 (give or take) on the S-10. However, the S-7 had such terrible battery life, I had to charge it every few hours. It was not only annoying but hindering my work. My phone is essential to my content creation and education of the Smart Hustle [1] community.

Finally, I went to the store and bought an S-10. Within hours I knew I made the right choice.

The S-10 has much longer battery life (all day), the camera is immensely better, the speed is faster, the usability is easier, the security is better and I could go on.

Think about it…all this time I was holding on to something, afraid to invest in something better [2]. Think of the months I’ve spent wasting time and being unproductive.

What Holds You Back?

Back to my original question? What else am I holding on to that I should let go of and get something better? What about you?

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Image: Depositphotos.com