10 Ways to Improve Your Processes as Your Business Grows

10 Ways to Improve Your Processes as Your Business Grows

If you already own a small business, you probably have some processes in place that help you run as efficiently and effectively as possible. However, as your business grows, you may need to step up those processes to get even better results. There are tons of different areas to improve, from your marketing materials to business communication. Get a variety of tips from members of the online small business community below.

Increase Effectiveness with B2B Direct Mail Best Practices

If you’re trying to reach other businesses in your area, direct mail can be an effective strategy. However, not all of these campaigns are created equal. You need to carefully consider how your direct mail materials will impact your potential clients. This Post Pitch post by Shaunee Tyson includes some best practices you should know.

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Consider Implementing Continuous Integration

Continuous integration is a concept that’s gaining some traction in the business community. If you’re not sure what this might mean for your company, read this Smallbiztechnology.com post by Matt Shealy for an overview.

Avoid Social Media Mistakes

Social media can do incredible things for your business. But there are also plenty of mistakes that you can make on these platforms. In this post on the Social Media Hat blog, Mike Allton compiles some of the top mistakes from social media experts. And BizSugar members chimed in with thoughts here.

Decrease Risk with Your Marketing Campaigns

Whenever you’re asking people to spend their hard earned dollars on your product or service, there’s a certain level of risk involved. But there are ways to minimize that risk to help potential customers feel more comfortable. Learn more in this Target Marketing post by Andrew Schulkind.

Improve Your Business Communication

The way you communicate with your team, partners and clients can make a major impact on the success of your business. If you’re looking to improve communication within your organization, the tips in this Biz Epic post by Ivan Widjaya may be able to help.

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Sell Your Franchise for Maximum Value

If you own a franchise business or are thinking about going this route for your entrepreneurial journey, then you need to always have value in mind. This is especially important when you go to sell. Joel Libava of The Franchise King dives into this concept in this post.

Keep Your Small Business Communication on the Right Track

Communication within a small business can go south for a number of reasons. If you learn those common mistakes, you’ll be better prepared to avoid them and keep your communication strategy on the right track. Learn more in this Strella Social Media post by Rachel Strella. Then see what the BizSugar community is saying about the post here.

Build a Lead Funnel That Actually Works

Funnels help your business automate parts of the sales process. But not all funnels get results. In order to build ones that actually work, check out this GetResponse post by Michal Leszczynski for tips.

Create More Effective Facebook Videos

Video content tends to do fairly well on Facebook. But that doesn’t mean that just any old video will do. If you want your videos to be as effective as possible on Facebook, read through the tips in this UpCity post by Dan Lougheed.

Use AI to Guide the Customer Decision Journey

Each time a customer buys from your business, they go on a decision journey. There are ways to guide them to give your business the best possible chance of making a sale. And AI can help. Learn more in this Search Engine Land post by Christi Olson.

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