Sick and Tired of Communicating with Your Customers the Old Fashioned Way? Read This

Are you Keeping Up With All the Available Customer Communication Channels

Customer communication channels are growing and you can’t control that conversation.

You can’t control where it happens or how it happens if you want to give your customers the best experience.

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Customers want to communicate with you, NOT just on a phone, not just via web chat, but also through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and beyond.

When customers call your company and are put on hold is time consuming, frustrating and the music is probably not all that good. Also it forces you to add more staff.

Communicating with customers through other channels, such as chat or social media (including YouTube comments) enables you to give customers a better experience and boosts the productivity of your staff.

Salesforce Essentials, CRM software specifically for growing businesses (small businesses) is now making it even easier to communicate with your customers (and prospective) customers across a variety of channels.

In a conversation and demo with Marie Rosecrans, SVP of Salesforce Essentials and SMB, and her team, I saw how easy it was to connect social accounts and a telephone number to Salesforce and be able to have everyone on your team manage the customer communications on multiple channels.

Phone calls are still important and this new release of Salesforce makes it easy to get a number, record calls and take notes on specific calls right from within on platform. Lightning Dialer for Essentials, is an out-of-the-box call center solution built right into Salesforce Essentials.

As your business grows and you have more customers, don’t just focus on selling something, but you must also focus on customer support before the sale, after the sale and during the sale.

Having a well documented website helps customers NOT have to communicate with you, but enables them to find the information they need on their own.

However, there’s going to be times when a customer does have a question and wants to ask it in the best way for them. Are you ready?

In addition to the new communication channels, Marie underlined that while Salesforce is the leading platform for large companies to manage customer relations, Salesforce Essentials is perfect and priced for the SMALLEST companies who want to start out small. As they grow they Salesforce Essentials and the overall Salesforce community can grow with them.


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  1. And whatever channels you choose to “man” as customer communication channels, make sure you do them well. If you can’t handle all the channels, then pick the ones you know you can do the best.

  2. Really good post. Unified communication channels like Bulk SMS,Cloud IVR and Call center solutions are best options to reach out the customers easily.
    For more info:

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