Canva Flyer Maker Provides Small Businesses with a New Marketing Tool

Need Some Quick Signs? Check Out the New Canva Flyer Maker

Canva’s Flyer Maker lets you create professional flyers in seconds. It’s a web based tool giving small business owners graphic design capabilities. Small Business Trends contacted Liz McKenzie, Head of PR and Communications at the company, to learn more.

Canva Flyer Maker

Why It Matters

Canva’s Flyer Maker was designed for the busy small business owner.  No graphic designer on staff? No problem with this tool.

“Using artificial intelligence technology, the Canva Flyer Maker helps you design personalized templates,” McKenzie wrote. “These depend on your project type and style, saving you time and money.”

The tool has several features to take notice of. These include thousands of professionally designed templates and the ability to collaborate on the design and edit it online.

The Right Image

Looking for the right image can be a hassle. Small business owners  bogged down checking usage rights on public images. Some stock photos are beyond smaller budgets. Canva’s Flyer Maker takes care of those issues with access to millions of illustrations, icons and images. You can even add your own.

You can also pick from hundreds of font combinations to get the stylized look you are after.

How It Works

Best of all, this tool is user friendly for the busy on the go entrepreneur. McKenzie explains the quick online process:

“Simply head to the flyer maker tool, input the title of your flyer and get started,” she writes.

After that, businesses can select the type of project. McKenzie stresses there’s lots to choose from.

“From flyers for important business events, real estate open houses, or restaurant promotions, Canva’s Flyer Maker tool has designs for everything!”

You can even select design styles that suit your brand and target audience. Templates are customizable and you can add brand colors and your logo to keep everything consistent.

Choose from a palette generator, photo editor, logo maker and other tools to speed the process along.

One of the big draws is the fact teams can collaborate and make changes directly. There’s no need to go back and forth with emails.  Make your choices and let the tool do the rest. You can your flyer and get it delivered.

There’s also a mobile app available so you can design flyers on the go from your smart phone. Another good idea is to check out the blog on the company website. It has great tips for newbies who need a little help getting started with their designs.

Who is the Canva Flyer Maker For?

Canva’s Flyer Maker is flexible too. It works for businesses that need other types of marketing tools, not just flyers.

“Every small business will find plenty of uses for our design tool,” McKenzie says. “Businesses can also use Canva to design logos, business cards, social media graphics, labels, posters and more.”

You can try Canva Pro free for 30 days. After that, it costs $12.95 per month per team member. There’s also a free version and an Enterprise Plan.



Rob Starr Rob Starr is a staff writer for Small Business Trends. Rob is a freelance journalist and content strategist/manager with three decades of experience in both print and online writing. He currently works in New York City as a copywriter and all across North America for a variety of editing and writing enterprises.

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  1. I find Canva very useful for all the needs of my business. I love how they now have a flyer maker too.

  2. Canva ! Canva ! I am using canava as logo and image-maker but since last six month, I am using it as a flyer maker. Give 5$ for the simple flyer is waste of money till now I was paying to an Ireland guy but now I am saving around 30$ per month from this and started to make from my end for the public. Rob Starr, I agree with you Canva is superb