The 15 Best Price Comparison Sites for Your Online Products

The 15 Best Price Comparison Sites to Get Your Products Listed

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Projections say nearly 2 billion people are expected to purchase goods and services online this year. And price comparison options remain important. If your business offers online shopping options, you probably know how much shoppers value finding a great deal.

If you want to really reach price conscious consumers online, make it easy for them to compare your products with similar items by listing them on price comparison sites. Check out a variety of these sites and apps currently available. Some connect to search engines or other platforms, and others just crawl the web for the best deals. Learn what you need to know about price comparison sites and reaching customers on these platforms.

Best Price Comparison Sites

Google Shopping

Online shoppers already turn to Google to look for specific types of products. So get listed on Google Shopping and your product automatically comes up alongside options from other stores right on the search page. To get listed, you need to register your online shop in Google’s Merchant Center and then a feed of your products will be listed. They also offer options for advertising and promoting certain products.

Amazon Product Ads

Even if you sell your products on your own ecommerce site, listing on Amazon can help you gain visibility for your products when people search for similar items. You can easily set up an Amazon store and use it as your primary ecommerce destination or just a supplementary one. Then you can invest in product ads to get your products featured prominently.


PriceGrabber is a price comparison site that includes product listings across a ton of different categories. Customers can search for a specific item or browse more general listings. To get your products featured, you need to sign up for a Connexity cost-per-click listings network account.


CamelCamelCamel is a price comparison engine that mainly focuses on Amazon listings. It even lets customers get alerts when prices drop on certain items and see the history of price changes. If you have products listed on Amazon, they’ll automatically be available for shoppers to use CamelCamelCamel’s functionality.


BuyVia is a deals site that allows shoppers to compare prices on products, access coupons and find deals on the items they’re shopping for. The company also offers mobile apps in the App Store and Google Play. The team scours for deals across Google Shopping and other platforms. But you can also request a deal for specific products on the website or app. is a price comparison site that lets consumers view products in a particular category or search for specific items from top brands. To join, you can sign up for an eBay Commerce Network merchant account and then connect your store.


Pronto offers a search engine that is specifically for products. Consumers search for a particular item and find product listings so they can compare prices and other features. The site crawls through ecommerce shops to find these items. So focus on SEO for your shop get included in these searches.


ShopSavvy is a mobile app that lets shoppers scan bar codes of certain items and then compare those items to other products in local stores and online. The products are largely added by users. But ShopSavvy also uses a back-end system called PriceNark. You can connect your store to that engine to give your products more visibility.


PricePirates allows customers to search for products, compare prices and find deals on a variety of items. The site crawls through various ecommerce platforms to find these listings. Specifically, it includes many options from top marketplace platforms like Amazon and eBay.


Shopzilla offers deals and price comparison tools to help shoppers find value on a variety of products. They also provide a merchant services option for businesses. Get your products included in the site by signing up with Connexity.


Bizrate provides price comparison options along with shopping guides and weekly promotions. The site also uses Connexity for its merchant services option. Sign up with them to learn more about being featured.

Bing Shopping Campaigns

Though Bing lags behind Google in popularity as search engine, it still offers a fair amount of visibility for products. When people search for an item on Bing, your item appears next to others like it. And you can purchase ads from Microsoft to increase visibility for your products in searches.


Yahoo is another search engine that offers a shopping option that makes it easy for consumers to compare prices from different vendors. Yahoo Shopping connects to PriceGrabber. So once you sign up for an account on that site, you can easily get your products listed on Yahoo as well.


Check out Become another search based price comparison tool. Become offers a fairly bare bones service, and simply crawls various platforms to find products related to a particular search. Just focus on SEO and improve your chances of getting your products in front of customers.


ShopMania offers a wide array of online tools for shoppers. They browse by category, search for specific items, and view special deals. Get your products featured. Just sign up for an account on the website and update information about your shop. The site also provides merchants with seller tools and the option to set up a storefront on their Facebook pages.

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