Master the Art of Organization with These 20 Clever Storage Hacks for Your Home Office

20 Clever Storage Hacks for Your Home Office

Creating the perfect home office usually requires a bit of imagination. As a result, you should create a working space that helps you concentrate. And it should allow you to focus on your work. These clever home office storage hacks will help you keep everything organized and under control.

Home Office Storage Hacks

Homemade Desk with Built-in Storage

Instead of using a traditional desk with ordinary legs, affix a table top (or any kind of appropriately-sized board) to two sets of drawers. This will act as the desk legs. But it will also provide plenty of handy storage space. In fact, one great example is posted on interior design gurus Kim and Jo’s website, Desire to Inspire. And it uses a wooden top on white drawers.

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Hide Power Cords

Keep the power cords of computers and printers out of the way by running them along the legs of the desk. And attach them with a stapler or other unobtrusive attachment method.

Printer on Draw Slider

Printers can be pesky to position. Because they often need to be both handy when needed and out of the way when not. But the problem can be easily solved by using a space-saving draw slider. In fact, you can see this one suggested by organization expert Miss Jen.

All-in-One Stationary Holder

Place empty toilet rolls or kitchen paper rolls cut in half into a shoebox or other suitably sized receptacle for an instant storage solution for all your stationary.

Multiple Jars Stationary Storage

Hot glue several glass jars together for another stationary storage hack. Add a stylish accent by gluing something near the top and on the underside of the connected jars to store them at a tilted angle.

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Double Desk with Privacy

Create a double desk with a book shelf partition in the middle to retain privacy for each user as well as providing lots of storage space by following’s instructions.

Recycled Chip Canister Storage

Whatever your favorite flavor of chips is, the canisters some brands come in can be used for storing and organizing all sorts of home office supplies. Stick them together in a variety of formations, then paint them or wrap in paper that matches the décor of your home.

Minimalist Organizer

A simple string or thin rope suspended on the wall between two points can serve as a minimalist organizer with clothes pegs clamping onto paper reminders. Add specific day labels to each peg to keep an eye on your upcoming appointments.

Maximizing Storage Areas

Lifestyle blogger Autumn from It’s Only Autumn recommends Ikea’s simple Expedit or Kallax units for maximizing the amount of space your home office can dedicate to storage.

Recycled Wall Organizer

Much like woodworkers or mechanics have wall storage areas for their tools, a home office worker can apply the same principle using inexpensive items such as plastic or paper cups cut in half for stationary or recycled cereal boxes for paperwork.

Filing Cabinet Chalkboard

Paint one side of your filing cabinet with chalkboard paint to create a trendy notice board and organizer.

Alternative Filing Cabinets

Need to keep files handy but find the usual cabinet options unsightly or overly cumbersome? Then use a more attractive basket instead, as suggested by Better Homes & Gardens.

Bookcase and Old Door Desk

Create a homemade desk that gives you lots of storage space by using an old door placed on top of two bookcases of equal height.

Homemade Project Board

Attach stick-on hooks to a light piece of board that you can hang on a wall near your desk. Then hang papers and notices via clips with holes in the handles that can hang on the hooks.

Clip-On Desk Organizers

This space-saving hack suggested by Annie Kubena of Brit + Co can save a lot of useful space on your desk by moving certain items off-desk. Just attach some grip clips to suitable receptacles and you’re ready to go.

Home Office Pegboard

A pegboard can let you organize your office equipment in so many different ways, and you can always change it up whenever you like.

Magazine Holder Shelf Extension

Attach magazine holders to the underside of a shelf to instantly create extra storage space.

Stackable Boxes for Extra Storage Space

Reality television star Lauren Conrad is a big fan of stackable boxes as a storage solution. They can turn the bottom half of a wardrobe or other ‘dead space’ into a useful storage area.

Cereal Box Paperwork Organizer

Glue four or five empty cereal boxes on top of each other and cover them in attractive paper to create a cheap and cheerful paperwork organizer.

Office Charging Station

Create a neat and today place to charge all your devices by placing a multi-socket power brick inside an attractive box with holes cut out to let the wires exit. Make sure to label each hole according to which device the protruding cord charges.


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