TaxWise Mobile App from Wolters Kluwer Helps Preparers Keep in Touch With Clients

Wolters Kluwer TaxWise Mobile App Helps Preparers Keep in Touch With Clients

The big five accounting firms get most of the attention in the industry. But they only make up 10% of the firms in the U.S. Overall, 90% of these accounting firms have 10 or fewer owners or partners.

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting designed its new TaxWise Mobile app for tax preparers. These preparers have a heavy focus on individual tax returns and thus a very seasonal business. As a result, the company says the mobile interface will streamline tax preparation for this particular group.

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For example, small firms compete with their large counterparts by providing personalized services. And this requires being available at all times.

So when a CPA ventures out of the office, providing access to their clients’ information becomes a personalized service. And on the client side, making remote options available to securely fill out and send their tax forms becomes equally important.


Wolters Kluwer TaxWise Mobile App Helps Preparers Keep in Touch With Clients


Global company Wolters Kluwer provides professional information, software solutions and services. It specializes in the health, tax and accounting industries. And it also figures prominently in the finance, risk and compliance, and legal sectors that support public and private enterprises

Small Business Deals

The company is bringing this experience and infrastructure and making it more available for firms of all sizes. This includes meeting the strict compliance in place for storing and transmitting financial data online.

In the press release, Shannon Bond, Vice President, Preparer Segment, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting North America, address this very point. Bond says, “Wolters Kluwer is expanding our expert compliance capabilities with technologies that enable an end-to-end mobile experience for high volume, seasonal tax preparers. TaxWise Mobile helps tax preparers reach more clients, where they are, which is critical in today’s mobile society.”

The new TaxWise Mobile solution is fully integrated with TaxWise Online for end-to-end remote return preparation.

As a client, TaxWise Mobile is going to allow you to complete the tax preparation process from virtually anywhere. You can use your smartphone, computer, or tablet and not have to visit an office.

The app lets you fill out your information, upload documents, and review the prepared tax return. You can then sign the document and send it to your CPA for electronic filing. After it is complete, you can use TaxWise Mobile to check the status and any refund updates.

For the Preparer

With this application, your clients can fill out critical information and upload documents from their preferred mobile device. This includes adding images of their tax documents and E-signatures. The information then goes into the TaxWise Online platform automatically.

As the preparer, you can also use the platform to share documents and communicate directly with your clients. Combined with the TaxWise desktop version you can offer popular refund options to simplify your workflow through integration with CCH iFirm Practice Manager.

The TaxWise Mobile app is now available.

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  1. It is a good thing that we now have apps that can help you with this. It is not just professionals, you can now do it too.