Zoho and Mastercard Expand Partnership to Benefit Small Businesses

Zoho and Mastercard Announce Partnership for Small Businesses

One of the benefits of today’s digital technology is the efficiency it has introduced to small businesses.  Enterprise-grade solutions are now readily available at a price point small business can afford.

The latest effort in this endeavor is the expansion of the partnership between Mastercard and Zoho. According to Mastercard, small businesses around the world will have access to a comprehensive array of products and services.

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The goal of this initiative is to enable simpler business operations for SMBs globally. When fully integrated, businesses can run their company with greater ease, efficiency, and profitability. This is especially important in today’s digital ecosystem.

As small businesses navigate the physical and digital world, they have to use tools which can be integrated seamlessly. Without the right solution, this process can get complicated.

This is exactly what Zahir Khoja, executive vice president, Global Acceptance at Mastercard, says in the press release. Khoja said, “When Mastercard and Zoho come together, we’re able to pair our smart solutions and scale to fundamentally address some of the challenges small businesses owners face every day.”

For his part, Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corporation, says, “This partnership connects small businesses to innovative applications that enable them to access, manage and analyze real-time information that is critical to their success.”

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Close to 50% of the world’s GDP is generated by small businesses. And these entrepreneurs are responsible for employing almost two-thirds of the global workforce.

With this partnership, Mastercard and Zoho look to give small businesses access to enterprise-grade solutions. This includes planning and finance software, customer relationship management, marketing, and much more.

Once these tools are in place, small businesses can automate and digitized time intensive, paper-based processes. This level of efficiency will allow them to focus on growth and eliminate or greatly reduce labor-intensive administrative tasks.

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Zoho says it is “The operating system for business,” because you can run your entire business from Zoho’s single online platform.

As a cloud-based platform, it provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for business. The platform offers more than 40+ apps across a range of categories. It includes sales, marketing, customer support, accounting, and back office operations. And also offers productivity and collaboration tools.

More than 45 million businesses currently use Zoho around the world. These users include hundreds of thousands of companies.

Mastercard and Zoho plan to make their shared solutions available later this year.

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  1. This integration will surely open a lot of doors for businesses. It will help them manage their products and services better.