Cognytics Helps Small Businesses with Better Data Visualization

Cognytics Tries to Bring Better Visualization to a Small Business's Data

Mention data analytics to a small business owner and they might think it is the domain of large enterprises, but it is no longer the case. This is because small businesses are also generating massive amounts of data. And if the business optimizes this data through analytics, it can capitalize on next-level growth opportunities.

The new cloud-based data visualization tool from ECI Software Solutions called Cognytics looks to do that. According to the company, it wants to revolutionize how small and medium-sized businesses gain actionable insights from data.

Why? “Because digital transformation is no longer an option for small businesses – it’s a necessity.” This is what Grant Howe, Chief Technology Officer at ECI, said in the press release for Cognytics.

Howe goes on to say, “With Cognytics, ECI users will become data-driven masters of their respective industries and get access to the intelligent analytics insights that will make running and growing their businesses easier than ever before.”

For decision-makers, the ability to gain actionable insight across their entire organization is invaluable. And Cognytics makes this information available on a dashboard which can be accessed from anywhere.

Cognytics Key Features

The company says with Cognytics you will be able to understand your data easily right away. And you can then use this data to improve the performance of everyone in your business. This, ECI says, will help to transform your business from a reactive to a predictive operation. So you are positioning your company to dramatically improve its health and competitiveness today and moving forward.

Cognytics includes graphical, role-based dashboards with visualizations which makes it easy to understand for each individual. This provides each user with role-based actionable information to address their specific department or project.

What does this mean for your staff? Well, it won’t bog them down with information which is not relevant to their workflow. And the dashboard provides actionable insights available to each user on demand. With just one click, they can access the information they need, thus eliminating time-intensive, manual data analysis.

The intelligence Cognytics provides is industry-specific. The data is tailored to help make timely decisions and solve unique business challenges by guiding each user to the information they need. And all of this information is generated by seamless integration of robust data connectors.

These connectors extract information across different business systems and make it available in one place. Anytime you need a panoramic view of the data for your business, you can access it from your dashboard.

Capitalizing on Data

In 2018 Gartner reported 87% of organizations have low business intelligence and analytics maturity. Considering digital transformation is taking place at such a rapid rate, 9 in 10 organizations are behind.

As businesses of all sizes continue to generate more data, your small business must find a way to better use data or face stagnation.

Gartner recommends businesses to:

  1. Develop holistic data and analytics strategies with a clear vision.
  2. Create a flexible organizational structure, exploit analytics resources and implement ongoing analytics training.
  3. Implement a data governance program.
  4. Create integrated analytics platforms that can support a broad range of uses.

You can stop worrying about the size of your small your business. Because the right tool helps gain insights from the data it generates. For examle, ECI Solution says you can, “Uncover hidden value and realize efficiencies that contribute directly to your bottom line.” And who doesn’t want that?

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