AirDroid Business Helps You Control All Your Company’s Devices

AirDroid Helps You Control All Your Company's Devices

If your business is using the Android platform, AirDroid Business will help you control all your company’s devices remotely. The company says the solution it provides gives small and medium-sized businesses an alternative to enterprise-grade solutions.

When a small business has to adopt an enterprise-grade solution, the benefits don’t necessarily outweigh the disadvantages. They’re complex, hard to learn, they’ve features which are not geared for small business and they cost much more.

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In the emailed press release for the announcement, Anson Shiong, CEO of Sand Studio, whose flagship product is AirDroid, addressed this issue. Shiong says, “Our research tells us that small and medium businesses cringe at expensive enterprise mobile device management solutions that offer far too many valueless features.”

He goes on to say these small companies have a specific demand for managing their remote devices which is affordable and hassle-free. Adding, “AirDroid Business appeals to companies that are seeking an easy-to-use mobile device management solution that fuses strategic and tactical smarts, delivering business vibrancy to companies.”

The added benefit of this solution is it gives you, the small business owner, full remote control. This means you don’t need third-party vendors to do it for you. You can monitor all your assets from your computer no matter where you are.

AirDroid Business

AirDroid Business lets you manage and control large fleet of devices while allowing you to organize them in different groups. With this capability, you can control them based on usage, features and locations.

Small Business Deals

If you are a small business owner in the IT segment or you provide monitoring services, this is an affordable solution which also offers new business opportunities. But the capability of this platform is not limited to small businesses. It can handle thousands of devices with the same level of control and management.

Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, Point-Of-Sale systems, kiosks, digital signage, TV set-top boxes, etc. AirDroid lets you control them.

Key Features

The first and most important feature of AirDroid is it gives you full remote control of any Android device anywhere. Full control translates to being able to monitor, manage and update these devices. This includes bulk remote file transfer in real-time with two-way transfer capabilities. If you have customers across a large geographic location, this will ensure your devices have the latest update without having to make any trips.

In addition to making updates, you can also use remote screen mirroring to show what your customers are actually seeing. A quick check will let you see if your kiosks, digital signage, vending machines or other equipment are in working order. If you don’t have to physically check all of your installations, you’ll only have to address malfunctioning equipment.

AirDroid Business also has an Application Management Service (AMS) to provide app releases, updates, and maintenance for administrators in a dedicated built-in app store. With the AMS you can have staged rollouts, force installations, brand customization and data collection. At the same time, you can schedule and release your apps on-demand to specific devices or groups.

Your ability to transmit data to the devices also allows you to send notifications with text and images for notification or advertisement purposes.

Multiple Roles

Depending on your use case, you can set up roles for admin, team members and the end-user or viewer. As an admin, you can add devices, manage and control them, create groups, invite and manage teams, and set permissions.

With these parameters in place, your team members can help you manage the devices which you have assigned to them. They can use remote access or troubleshooting tools to determine if their assigned devices are up and running.

Those who are labeled as viewers can access and view the assigned device with a remote camera and view mode.

You can try AirDroid Business for free with a 14-day trial here

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  1. I guess this is essential in today’s businesses where operations are controlled by a wide variety of devices.