Freelance Site Fiverr Launches Ecommerce Services For Small Businesses

Freelance Site Launches Fiverr Ecommerce Services

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Fiverr is looking to serve SMBs selling online with 35 new services designed to cover all of their ecommerce and omnichannel needs. The industry store opened on Sept 4.

The new move is further evidence of the shift to selling goods and services online. There’s a growing number of services like this one that level the playing field between the bigger players and SMBs.

That and the fact the start-up costs for ecommerce are cheap compared to brick and mortar. It all equals a growing momentum for small business and ecommerce.

Fiverr Ecommerce Services

Growing Number of Businesses

“E-commerce is a global trillion-dollar industry,” writes Yan Chelly, Head of Categories for Fiverr. “Fiverr’s ecommerce industry store will help the growing number of businesses that are selling products and/or services online. They can now quickly select from a variety of services to support all of their omnichannel needs.”

If your small business uses Shopify, Magneto or other platforms like Woocommerce, you can get web development and design, SEO and even dropshipping through the new Fiverr product.

Other Advantages

Chelly describes the other advantages for SMBs

“Business owners who have product lines available on marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy or Amazon can select from other services. Like product research, photography and descriptions, Photoshop editing, and channel advisors, among others.”

There’s also something for small business owners looking to get the word out on the goods and services they’ve got to sell.

“There is also a dedicated e-commerce marketing hub to help any e-commerce business with their digital marketing needs,” Chelly writes.

This new service will look after details you might have missed if your starting your first Internet based business.

Chelly explains:

“For instance, when building a website, it’s not just the site that’s needed. It’s the copy for the website, and that copy needs to be optimized for SEO purposes.”

Professional Help

Getting professional help is a great idea for small businesses. Content is still king and you need to have professionally written text. That helps to get the most from your copy and the ranking you need to stay ahead of the competition. Write text that’s too short or with they keywords in the wrong place and you can run afoul of the big search engines like Google.

Same goes for a website. The design needs to take into account navigation and flow so visitors have a seamless experience that boosts your sales.

“In addition to that, a new business will need proper product photography, descriptions for those photos and more,” Chelly writes. “With all of these services easily available for viewing in one properly outfitted storefront, it will become clearer to businesses what items are necessary that they may not have realized they needed.”

Best of all, this new product works across all online verticals.

“It doesn’t matter whether someone is in the business of selling clothes, beauty products or children’s toys. Fiverr’s ecommerce store will give them everything they need to build, market and grow their online store.”

Finally, Chelly outlines Fiverr’s future plans in the space.

“We will continue to open industry-specific stores as we see increased demand for services on our platform from businesses operating in the same or similar markets.

The goal is to create a relevant, one-stop shop for all of the services and ideas they may need to help their business grow and compete.”

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  1. This is because the demand for ecommerce is now greater. It is now becoming more and more common to create online stores for retail products so more services are now needed.