Freshworks Announces Freshsuccess for Business at Refresh2019

Freshworks Freshsuccess Announced at Refresh2019

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Freshworks Inc announced Freshsuccess customer success management software recently at Refresh2019. The new tool brings together a variety of features. As a result, different teams in your small business can act together quickly to close more sales.

An estimated 700 attended the event Sept 4 and 5 in Las Vegas. So the event functions as a global user conference.

Jon Reed serves as co-founder at diginomica. He is known as an industry insider and he shared some thoughts on the conference.

“Freshworks is obviously one of a number of companies that jostling to bring customer experience to another level,” Reed said. “Both for SMBs and beyond as they push into the midmarket.”

Introducing Freshworks Freshsuccess

Freshness brings your small business team together.

For example, it integrates information from sales and marketing. And the tool also brings in information from other support teams. As a result, the product brings everything together under the same umbrella focusing your small business by streamlining your efforts.

Clients are already praising the new product.

For example, Mark Fuller, head of customer success at Ideagen explains:

“As Ideagen continues its rapid growth, it is vital that we continually nurture and support our existing client base and their ever-changing needs.”

“Freshworks Freshsuccess gives us a more complete picture of the customer so we are able to proactively assist them in their own success. Ultimately, it allows us to improve customer outcomes, onboarding, adoption, time to value and health.”

Customer Health Scores

All the information centers around what’s called customer health scores. These scores help teams to identify who’s ready to buy more of your small business goods and services and which customers you may be at risk of losing.

Customer retention is the name of the game for small businesses. As a result, this new product is designed to help small businesses grow their customer bases too.

Customer Master Record

Central to the new product is a Master Customer Record. It combines information that gets aligned for different teams in a small business.

Marketers can build case studies as reference points. And the master customer record helps identify strong industry performances.

Sales teams can look for the best upsell opportunities. And support experts can get the information they need to respond to customer tickets.

Girish Mathrubootham, founder and CEO of Freshworks explains:

“Meaningful customer insight doesn’t end at market, sell and support. You need to engage continuously to get a customer for life. With Freshsuccess integration, businesses will be able to leverage actionable data across the entire suite of products — including Freshmarketer, Freshsales and Freshdesk — for predictive analytics, customer intelligence and workflow.”

Small business finance teams can get future projections. Because having up to date numbers is always a must have.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re expanding the business or just trying to maintain the status quo. Your finances are the lifeblood of your small business. And taking your businesses’ financial temperature is easier with this new tool, the company says.

Freshsuccess has a launch date of January 2020.

More About Freshworks

Freshworks is a CRM software company that caters to businesses of many different sizes.  And the company maintains a headquarters in San Mateo, California with over 2,400 employees globally. For more information visit

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