Housecall Pro’s New XL Plan Introduces Updates to Its Small Business Scheduling Software

Housecall Pro XL Plan Designed for Service Businesses

Housecall Pro, is scheduling software for home service businesses. They recently announced the new Housecall Pro’s XL Plan. It offers updated tools in sales and other places.

Small Business Trends contacted Ian Heidt, co-founder and CEO of Housecall Pro, to find out how this new plan helps small businesses.

Housecall Pro XL Plan

He described what the new changes were about.

Growing and Scaling

“It’s all about growing small to midsize businesses,” he wrote.

The home services industry focuses on residential homes and commercial businesses. It provides services like HVAC, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, cleaning services and others.

The Housecall Pro’s XL Plan made changes in three big areas.

Sales Tool

It offers a sales tool. This tool lets SMBs show customers different pricing. The proposal even has financing options built in. Make up custom plans and attach visuals that help to close the deal.

There’s even the option of follow up emails. And a way to display proposals on in person visits.

Other Benefits

Heidt highlighted some of the other benefits.

“The Housecall Pro XL platform is simple to get up and running,” he wrote.  “It provides great tools, reporting, and account management and that’s rare.”

Limits on Spending

The Housecall Pro’s XL Plan also lets SMBs set spending and purchase limits. Custom company expense cards are made available to each employee.  This modern expense management tool provides in depth expense reporting. A must have for small businesses in this industry for tracking cash flow.

“Midsize/small businesses need good tools. These must help them scale their businesses quickly in a cost-effective way,” Heidt says.

There are consumer financing options available too. This allows customers to make big or small investments. There’s an option for emergency repairs as well.

Advanced Reporting

Another interesting feature focuses on advanced reporting. It’s a module that generates reports on where the business can improve. Clients get to give feedback

Heidt also stressed the importance of this new plan.

“The home services businesses are a $600 billion industry in the US,” he wrote. “The majority of home services are small businesses and run any size from mom and pop shops to a couple hundred employees. It’s a robust industry made up of hardworking individuals dedicated to serving their communities.”

Positive Response

A company press release highlighted a positive client response to the new plan.

“Since we started using the Housecall Pro platform, we’ve grown from 13 to 42 employees and tripled our income,” said Sam Jimenez, owner of Bayshore Plumbers. “Housecall Pro has made our jobs a lot easier. ”

Plans for the Future

The company has plans for the future.

“We’re able to move quickly with new features and will continue to grow partnerships,” Heidt writes.  “We have some exciting features we will be announcing in the upcoming months.”

Small businesses can get Housecall Pro’s XL Plan now. Visit to learn more.

Image: Housecall Pro

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  1. Scheduling is very important in a home service business because you need to know if you are giving your clients enough time and you are able tod dispatch enough people to each project.