In the News: Take a Nap – or Lose Your Ability to Manage

In the News: Take a Nap – or Lose Your Ability to Manage

It’s the end of the week and we found out recently, it’s in your best interest to take the time ahead to get some rest.

A new study from the National Sleep Foundation reveals that a good night’s sleep positively affects the workplace.

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In fact, that study shows that staying up for 18 consecutive hours is the equivalent of having a .05% blood-alcohol content. Would you go in front of your employees in that state? Unlikely.

So, imagine the impact you’re having if you’re not getting proper rest. The NSF survey found that 90% of supervisors say they’re a positive impact on their workplace when they get a good night of sleep.

Even if you can’t take it easy this weekend because it’s your business’s busy time, be sure to get a good night’s rest.

Freshworks Refresh 19

About 700 people attended the Freshworks Refresh 19 event in Las Vegas. In case you missed, it Brent Leary snagged an interview with the company’s CEO Girish Mathrubootham amid the flurry of activity. You can check out his interview here. And be sure to check the rest of our coverage of the event.

Small Business Deals

Shaq Shares Secrets of Success at Refresh19

Basketball legend and entrepreneur Shaquille O’Neal sat down with Girish Mathrubootham, CEO at Freshworks. They spoke at the recent Refresh19 conference to talk business and a few other things. They started out discussing how Shaq had a lesser known talent. He was actually a DJ.

Freshworks Announces Freshsuccess for Business at Refresh2019

Freshworks Inc announced Freshsuccess customer success management software recently at Refresh2019. The new tool brings together a variety of features. As a result, different teams in your small business can act together quickly to close more sales. An estimated 700 attended the event Sept 4 and 5 in Las Vegas. So the event functions as a global user conference.

Here’s a look at the rest of the week in news that’s important to small business owners:


Small Business Cost Cutting Secrets Revealed

With recession fears increasing day by day, it won’t be long before companies start looking for new ways to save money. Economic downturns can be make-or-break situations for plenty of businesses. And, costs are a big factor in who makes it out intact. Don’t wait until the market forces you to slash your budget. By then, it might very well be too late.


Should I Allow Employees to Dress Up for Halloween?

A reader from St. Paul asks: “I run a small insurance agency. Last fall some of my staff asked to dress up at Halloween in costumes, but I said no. However, I noticed some tellers at our community bank dressed up. And now my employees have asked again whether they can wear costumes this year on October 31st. Should I allow employees to dress up for Halloween?” –  Sue from St.

Quickbooks Payroll Adds New Feature to Simplify Health Insurance

Healthcare is one of the biggest challenges small business owners face. And according to a report by eHealth, 80% of owners worry about the cost.  But even with this worry, owners want to do right by their employees and provide healthcare. Simplifying the process is one way of getting more owners to purchase insurance for their workers.


Corporate Transparency Act Creates Regulatory Burden for Small Business

Beyond their intended goal, the cost of government regulations have far-reaching consequences. As a result, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) strongly opposes The Corporate Transparency Act of 2019. This bill would limit the ability of anyone to create a business anonymously in the U.S.


Ignoring Workplace Harassment Could Destroy Your Business

Workplace harassment was thrust into global consciousness following the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, and rightfully so. There’s no place for it in any business, whether it’s coming from leadership or occurring amongst employees. Unfortunately, many companies still don’t address the issue head on.

Marketing Tips

Most Trusted B2B Brands in 2019

Your brand is just as important as your product to overall business success. The 2019 B2B Trusted Brands Report from Sagefrog lists the ones who are the most trusted. Small Business Trends contacted Mark Schmukler, CEO & Co-founder to find out the names and what small businesses need to look for in the B2B companies they work with.

Retail Trends

20 Popular Snacks Small Bar Owners Should Consider

Popular bar snacks remain a critical topic for small business owners seeking to open such an establishment. The options might not always be the healthiest in the world but will definitely rank up there among the tastiest. The number of unique American bar snacks alone can seem intimidating.

Small Business Operations

How to Create a Retail Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Store

As a glance at any day’s headlines will show you, disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. Every small business should plan for disaster. For retailers, however, disaster planning has additional urgency, because you have to worry not only about your employees, but also about your customers.


How to Deduct Your Office Costs

You should have a nice office — for many reasons. It can impact employee performance, contribute to customer or client satisfaction, and affect your profitability and ultimate business success. Setting up and maintaining your physical layout entails one-time and ongoing costs. Office Expense Deductions The tax rules on how to write-off office expense deductions can be confusing.

Technology Trends

How to Create a Mobile Device Policy for Your Small Business

Smartphones and other mobile technologies are as important to the modern office as paper and pens were years ago. They help your small business increase productivity by 85% if used properly. But there are security and employee use concerns. Small Business Trends spoke with TRUCE Software CEO, Joe Boyle.

Alexa Blueprints You Can Use for Your Small Business

Smart speakers and voice assistants are taking over. In fact, Amazon alone has sold more than 100 million devices that give customers access to its voice assistant, Alexa. Alexa and other voice assistants like Google Assistant are changing the way people search.

29% of Small Businesses Spend Less Than $1,000 on IT Security Annually

The digital and network footprint of small businesses is continually growing. Online commerce, social media, remote workers, and cloud-based IT infrastructure are just a few of the examples. With such a large digital presence, cybersecurity has to be a top priority for everyone. But businesses are not spending enough on security to combat the clear and present danger they face.


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