How to Use QR Codes for Business: 40 Simple Ideas

What is a QR Code? Discover 40 Ways to Use QR Codes for Business

QR codes are everywhere — you’ll see them on packaging, receipts, flyers and more.

They’re a great way for marketers to generate more engagement with your audience and earn new leads!

Customers can quickly scan a QR code and get immediate access to additional content and experiences.

We’re going to explore 40 ways you can use a QR code, but first things first …

What is a QR code? How Do QR Codes Work?

A QR code is a machine-readable matrix barcode and it stands for “quick response” code.

You can use the camera app on any phone to scan a QR code.

After being scanned, the QR code will send the user to a new destination, such as a website, coupon page, social media profile, etc.

Some QR codes will send users a PDF, image, or video — or prompt a text message conversation.

A QR code can even send you directly to Facebook Messenger and prompt an entire conversation (powered by a Facebook Messenger chatbot, of course).

You can put QR codes on just about anything — here are 40 ways you can use QR codes.

40 Ways to Use QR Codes for Business

  1. On your business card
  2. On product packaging
  3. Posted in store to receive a coupon
  4. Posted in store to invite to review
  5. At a live event conference booth
  6. During a music performance, whether onstage or on flyers
  7. On museum exhibit descriptions
  8. On a brochure
  9. On a video endscreen
  10. As a piece of jewelry
  11. On sponsor swag like cocktail napkins
  12. On a name tag
  13. On a menu
  14. On a flier
  15. On handmade item packaging or tags
  16. In print ads
  17. On a direct mailer
  18. On a book jacket
  19. On newspaper and magazine articles online
  20. On a pet’s collar
  21. On your cell phone case
  22. A sticker on your laptop
  23. On artwork as a signature
  24. On CD and DVD jackets
  25. On press passes
  26. On slides in your presentation deck download
  27. On a mousepad
  28. As your laptop screensaver
  29. As the lock screen on your phone
  30. As a tattoo #nextlevel
  31. On a T-shirt
  32. At the bottom of a receipt
  33. As a form of contest entry
  34. In your email signature
  35. As your brand’s profile pic
  36. On your author about photo/headshot
  37. On a game entry
  38. On a baseball hat
  39. As a hand stamp
  40. On a house’s “For Sale” sign

Get Started and Create Your Own QR Codes for Business

You can easily create a QR code for free with an app like QR Code Generator.

Using QR codes on your marketing materials and product packaging is a surefire way to stand out and earn more engagement.

It’s a unicorn move that will separate you from your donkey competitors.

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Brainstorm how you can use QR codes in your marketing mix and make it happen!


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  1. The good thing with QR codes is that you just need to scan them and they are ready to go.

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