Use These 10 Expert Tips to Improve Your Small Business

Use These 10 Expert Tips to Improve Your Small Business

Small businesses should always be looking for ways to improve. You can step up your marketing strategy, your productivity or even your tech tools. If you’re looking for opportunities for improvement in your own small business, check out these suggestions from members of the online small business community.

Recognize the Best B2SMB Brands

For businesses that provide products or services to small businesses, the B2SMB Awards, hosted by the B2SMB Institute, is there to recognize your accomplishments. Submissions are now open. So you can learn more about the process or submit a business for consideration.

Improve Productivity with Some Simple Hacks

Getting enough done on a day-to-day basis can be a constant struggle. So small businesses always need new ways to improve productivity. This Process Street post by Oliver Peterson includes 42 different strategies you can use to work better and faster throughout your organization.

Learn More About Keyword Research

Most small businesses with an online presence know that keywords are important for SEO. But do you actually do enough research to find the right keywords to move your business forward? In this Duct Tape Marketing post by John Jantsch, learn more about how to improve your keyword research going forward.

Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be useful for businesses looking to grow their customer base as well as those looking to earn some extra income. If you’re thinking about getting started in this area, read this Pixel Productions post by Pratheeksha Mani for all the basics. Then see what members of the BizSugar community had to say here.

Execute Some Easy Marketing Tactics in an Hour or Less

Improving your marketing strategy doesn’t need to be incredibly time consuming. There are plenty of small tasks that you can complete in an hour or less, while still making a major impact for your business. Ashlee Brayfield shares some of them in this Crowdspring post.

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Understand How to Use Location Data

Today’s mobile technology can make a major impact on how marketers work. However, many don’t understand exactly how to use the location data they’re able to collect. This Marketing Land post by Taylor Peterson includes a helpful guide.

Don’t Lose the Influencer Game

Influencer marketing is making a major impact on U.S. businesses. But it’s actually even more popular in other parts of the world. To make the most of this technique for your business, check out the lessons from international brands in this Social Media HQ post by Christian Zilles.

Make Use of Curiosity in Your Marketing

What’s the most powerful marketing tool you can use for your business? The answer may just be curiosity. If you’re looking to make use of this tactic in your marketing, read the tips in this Target Marketing post by Daniel Burstein.

Add Pizzazz to Your Content

Basic content marketing may not really make your business stand out online, since so many other brands are also creating content. If you want to make an impact, you need some pizzazz. In this TopRank Marketing post, Nick Nelson discusses how you can do this for your business.

Find the Best Ways to Market

Since there are so many different marketing tactics available, it can sometimes be helpful to narrow down the best strategies by seeing what the experts have to say. This Mostly Blogging post by Janice Wald includes 33 expert principles of marketing. And BizSugar members shared thoughts on the post here.

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    Anything to help increase productivity is a welcomed development for me, especially as it has to do with shutting out social media when it is not adding to the growth of the business.

    Like you said, affiliate marketing also helps in some ways.

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    Affiliate Marketing is my all-time favorite. It is now one of the best and fastest growing business and monetization method compare to display advertising. Keyword research plays a great role in online marketing and using some good tools like SEMrush is very helpful. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.


  3. These may seem simple but it can have a massive impact on your business. Every little bit helps.

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