How to Improve Security in the Workplace

How to Improve Workplace Security

In today’s world you business may face active shooter situations, intruders, armed criminals or disgruntled employees. These all represent, unfortunately, real threats to workplace security at businesses everywhere on a day-to-day basis. We’ve all watched the rise of mass shooters. And consider the terror and pain they inflict on the communities they strike. These can include workplaces, schools and more. In fact, your business faces dozens of potentially life-threatening situations that could occur at any time. As a result, you must secure your workplace. Ensure everyone’s safety and minimize casualties in the event of a violent crime.

Workplace Security Tips

Secure Entrances

Take the first step in securing the workplace by securing the entry points. Locked doors, key-card entries, and more serve as a first deterrent to an intruder or armed criminal. Keep them outside the doors. And they can’t hurt anyone! This seems easy. But businesses often overlook security measures all businesses should continue.

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There are even locking mechanisms for inside doors, effectively sealing the doors shut so that no one can enter or exit (until the mechanism is disabled from the inside). In a lockdown situation, these devices can help minimize casualties and create choke points for law enforcement to track down and neutralize the threat.

Think of your doors as gates to a castle. Castle gates would remain closed unless ordered to open for an authorized person or group. This should be the case for your workplace as well. Any visitors should have to call ahead and make an appointment, so you’re expecting a visit.  They should also need to wait in a lobby or waiting area. This area should also be secure and require a specific key card or other mechanisms to access.

Check Credentials

If you’ve ever seen someone walking around your workplace you didn’t recognize, you probably walked right by them and thought something like “that’s weird, I’ve never seen them before”. If you don’t recognize someone, don’t be afraid to ask who they are and to see their credentials.

Even if the person you’re asking is a new employee, you’ll be safer knowing exactly who you’re looking at. If someone starts asking suspicious or jumpy when you ask who they are or to see their credentials, you’ll want to report it immediately. It’s better to ask the right questions, even if it seems intrusive, than to not ask and wind up regretting it later. Report any and all suspicious activity to management, and if need be, to the police.

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Install Cameras

Security cameras can help secure your business by providing you with security footage and a high-definition picture of those entering and exiting your business. These tapes can be crucial to police investigations, and are an important line of defense when vetting visitors.

A security camera outside will let you see approaching threats before they reach the doors, giving you enough time to alert everyone and formulate an escape plan. They also act as an inventory and employee management tool, so you know what your employees are up to during the day and can track any missing items.

Provide Information on Security Protocols

One of the best ways to help protect your business is to have strict security protocols in place that your employees are aware of. These should be included in monthly meetings, employee handbooks, and posted on announcement boards throughout the workplace.

Your protocols should include things like “All doors are to be closed,” or “No unauthorized persons are allowed entry unless first cleared by management.” These simple protocols can help you avoid potentially dangerous situations and keep your employees aware of the importance of workplace security.

Don’t Forget Cybersecurity

With such a focus on location security, sometimes businesses forget about cyber threats. Cybercrimes are on the rise, constantly challenging businesses and government agencies to better protect their information and those of their customers.

Cyber threats can be incredibly damaging financially and legally. A breach could mean legal action from those affected, or even a financial disaster for your company. Don’t forget you don’t have to see a criminal for them to be there, and the internet is a big place with plenty of places to hide.


Workplace security should be a top priority whether you’re a CEO, a supervisor, or the business owner. The lives of your employees and the security of your customers’ information are above all important. and you should allocate plenty of resources to protect both.


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