WorkWave Introduces New Flexibility in Small Business Payment Processing

WorkWave Payments Gets Your Company Paid, Handles Regulatory Burdens

Payment processing no longer takes place just at the cashier in your brick and mortar outlet. Whether you have an eCommerce site, popup stores, or field services, you have to have the flexibility to accept payments everywhere.

WorkWave Payments

WorkWave Payments is a streamlined, PCI Level 1 certified payment solution designed to address these and other payment issues. According to the company, this is the first solution of its kind in the market for the service industry. WorkWave will undertake PCI compliance and underwriting, in-house, to deliver a flexible user experience in the service industry.

For small businesses looking to find a single platform for all their payment solution, WorkWave provides the flexibility which today’s digital/physical commerce ecosystems demand. Additionally, it is certified PCI Level 1 compliant, which is the highest-level PCI standard. The card brands mandate this standard, so it is a must.

What this means for your business is you can accept POS debit cards, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover, as well as ACH/eCheck transactions.

According to Marne Martin, CEO of WorkWave, the goal is to, “… simplify their [customers] payments process by providing them with one integrated platform, one point of contact, and one secure way to pay,”

Martin adds WorkWave will more efficiently manage payments, improve cash flow, and deliver a much better customer experience.

WorkWave Features

For service-oriented companies, WorkWave is going to offer simplified and transparent pricing. This will allow you and your customers to see what is taking place with each transaction.

WorkWave provides one flat processing rate for all card payments, including American Express with no setup or monthly subscription fees. Equally important, it also eliminates cards on file, PCI compliance, and account updater service fees.

When it comes to customers support, WorkWave has a secure merchant channel. With this portal, you can review all transactions and fees as well as dispute any chargebacks. However, if you want to talk with the company, you can call directly for any payment or software related issues.

WorkWave as a Payment Solution

On the customer side of things, WorkWave also gives you the flexibility to provide more payment options across platforms.

To start with, your customers will have a secure portal to pay their bills online. This means you can start accepting and billing credit cards securely. And if you have recurring services and customers, WorkWave allows you to set up credit card or eCheck auto-bill payments.

If you are communicating with your customer online (email) or chatting (SMS), you can use the Epay function to insert a payment link. They will then be directed to an invoice and the secure WorkWave payment link.

Field Service Digital Payments

Plumbers, electricians, landscapers and so many other field service providers are now relying on digital technology and payment solutions. And one of the biggest challenges in accepting payments remotely is security. Once the issue of security is resolved, these and other field service professionals can start accepting payments without worry.

The fact that WorkWave is certified PCI Level 1 compliant is a great selling point for many traditional businesses who still rely on checks and even cash.

Digital payments are the future, and as more people move away from cash, checks as well as credit cards, your business has to be part of this payment ecosystem.

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