Zoho One Update Corrals Small Business Systems in One Place

Zoho One Updates Try to Corral All Your Small Business Systems Together

Zoho has introduced updates to its Zoho One operating system designed to corral a variety of necessary small business functions under one digital roof. The changes include a brand new app and three new platform services simplifying communications. Integration with third party and custom Zoho apps is central.

It’s a combined move streamlining SMB operations from sales to finance, BI to marketing and even HR on one technology platform.

Small Business Trends spoke with Taylor Backman, Evangelist at Zoho, about the updates and what they mean for small businesses.

He started describing one of the main thrusts behind the move.

“Zoho One is democratizing software for growing business,” he said. “It’s making enterprise grade tools available to everyone.”

Music to the small business owners’ ears. These updates are another way IT is leveling the playing field.

He set the new changes up this way:

“An operating system needs the kind of digital plumbing that ties everything together.”

Zoho One Updates

Three new services help to accomplish this goal.


Connecting a small business phone system to all the applications you use can be a hassle. Typically, they need to be hooked up one by one because the service from the phone providers can be siloed.

It can be a drain on the very thing that’s always in short supply for a small business. Time.

The solution is PhoneBridge offered in Zoho One.

“This is a single access point for the telephony and PBX systems,” Backman says. Here’s why small business owners need to pay attention.

You can make phone calls from Zoho apps. Call clients and have important information pop up in windows while you’re speaking. There’s no need to toggle around.

“The big game changer here is you can accept calls across all of these different applications.”

Get useful info from Zoho CRM, Mail, Recruit and more than 20 other apps. All without being in the app specifically.

Single Sign On

This feature is all about bringing third-party applications in for use in your Zoho account.  Single Sign-On currently supports about 50 applications. It’s another way the updates are making your day to day operations more seamless.

Security isn’t a problem either. YubiKey authentication has been added on to the multifactor options that are already supported. It’s another way these upgrades strive for simplicity.

This allows you to sign in to these third party apps from one central location, Zoho One. A big change for the way you deal with signing into apps. It’s another big time saver.

“This is a big deal because there are plenty of applications that businesses really like using,” Backman says. “Some really like using Microsoft. Others wouldn’t want to leave G-Suite. We encourage that.”

With this Zoho update they don’t need to choose between them.

Custom App Management and Provisioning

This “digital plumbing that ties everything together,” goes even further. Zoho One already supports over 45 company apps. Now they are making room for custom apps made through Zoho Creator and external ones through the Zoho Marketplace.

The new Admin Panel allows small business owners to turn the information taps on as needed to see activity and app usage. Whether the apps are third party or from Zoho.

Orchestly App

Zoho offers another nod to the small business owner who spends more time chasing business than sorting through IT.

No coding skills? No problem with this app that’s offered as part of these updates. It’s easy to use with a drag and drop interface. Orchestly covers critical SMB functions like purchase approvals, content publishing and even onboarding to name a few.

Finally, Backman points out another advantage to streamlining your business with these updates.

“Anytime you can simplify things you‘re making them more secure. That’s because there’s less points for them to go wrong,” he says.

All the updates and Orchestly are free with Zoho One, which costs $30 per employee or $75 per users.

Images: Zoho

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Rob Starr Rob Starr is a staff writer for Small Business Trends. Rob is a freelance journalist and content strategist/manager with three decades of experience in both print and online writing. He currently works in New York City as a copywriter and all across North America for a variety of editing and writing enterprises.

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  1. Running a small business can be an expensive endeavor. With a budding business to manage, you don’t have time to waste on a mishmash of tools that aren’t designed to work together.

    Managing all your core business processes in one system is priceless.There’s always a smarter way to work done.

    Ready for a comprehensive platform that consolidates all the software you need to run your business?

    Zoho One is a broad and cohesive set of applications that work collectively to run an entire business on the cloud. It includes more than 40+ web applications and an equal number of mobile apps—under a single sign-on, with centralized administration and provisioning—making it a true operating system for any business.

    Instead of looking for information in different tools, with Zoho One we were able to see it in one place.Say goodbye to switching between a bunch of different tools and you’ll never have to worry about having to pay for multiple apps is the second-best thing.