10 Tips for Making Major Changes in Your Small Business

10 Tips for Making Major Changes in Your Small Business

If you run a small business for a long time, you’ll probably need to navigate through a lot of major changes. Members of the online small business community are very familiar with these shifts. From getting started to deciding when to retire, here are some valuable insights for making big changes in your business.

Help Your Financing Chances with Online Credit Tools

If you plan on making any major changes to your business that require extra funding, you need to really focus on building your business credit. Sometimes, small businesses could use a bit of extra help in that area. The tools in this Smallbiztechnology.com post by Matt Shealy may be able to help.

Gather Consumer Insights Before Starting Your Business

If you’re just getting started in the business community, you need to really understand your customers. That means you may need to do some serious research and gain insights straight from your potential customers. This SmallBizDaily post by Chris Keller offers some methods you can use to gather those insights.

Set a Digital Marketing Budget

Before you make any big changes to your business, you need to determine what your budget is. In this InfoBunny post, Dexter Roona offers some tips for setting a budget for your digital marketing strategy. Then BizSugar members commented on the post here.

Determine What to Trust When It Comes to Franchise Business Reviews

If you’re considering buying a franchise, you might consider looking at some online reviews to research different opportunities. These can be very helpful, but likely shouldn’t be the only research that goes into your decision. Joel Libava dives into more detail in this post on The Franchise King blog.

Start Saving for Retirement

Small business owners aren’t always able to plan for retirement in the same ways that many traditional employees do. But it’s still important to plan for the future, both for you as an individual and your business. In this Noobpreneur post, Ivan Widjaya discusses the importance of planning for retirement as an entrepreneur.

Build a Powerful Network on LinkedIn

Anytime you want to make a major change in your business, it helps to have business connections around you who can help. LinkedIn can be a useful tool for organizing and nurturing your network. If you’re looking to build a powerful network on the platform, read this Social Media Examiner post by Louise Brogan.

Make Money from Social Media

Adding extra income streams can really help your business achieve more of your goals. Social media can be a perfect venue for earning more money, as this No Passive Income post by Erik Emanuelli suggests. For more on the subject, head to BizSugar to see what the community is saying.

Automate Your Tax Payments

Unfortunately, taxes are a part of running any business. If you want to make this task as simple as possible, you might consider automation. In this Acuity blog post, Matthew May explains what steps you need to take in order to make this change in your business.

Use Your Personal Branding Profile to Drive Leads

Many businesses only use their dedicated business profiles to market their business and increase sales. But your personal profiles could also help you drive leads, especially in B2B businesses. Read this Process Street post by Adam Henshall for more on this subject.

Practice Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a socially conscious business can help you appeal to more customers and keep employees engaged and happy at work. If you’re interested in integrating more corporate social responsibility into your company culture and processes, check out the do’s and don’ts in this UpCity post by Jason Woehrle.

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