Yang Says Breaking Up Big Tech Companies Won’t Help Small Businesses

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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said breaking up big tech companies will not revive Main Street businesses while speaking at Tuesday’s debate on CNN.

Yang’s comments diverged from other candidates’ calls to break up big tech, especially Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has been largely campaigning on the issue of companies like Facebook and Google growing into monopolies and threatening competition.

Andrew Yang Defends Big Tech Companies

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  1. The politicians should practise the laissez-faire principle, and get out of business all together. The free market will take care of the so called “problem”…

  2. On this list, Google is especially problematic. Whichever “company” gets the piece that includes the Google Ads platform will win because that business unit produces over 90% of the total revenue of Alphabet (Google’s parent company). They would be generating so much cash they’d quickly start buying up more businesses.

  3. I agree. It is harder to manage businesses if they are under different managements.

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