What Should You Buy for Your Small Business on Black Friday?

What Should You Buy for Your Small Business on Black Friday?

Black Friday is just around the corner. While your business is gearing up to offer deals to your customers, it may also be the perfect time to stock up on some essentials for your own operations. Whether you run a retail store or a traditional office, there are likely some supplies or materials on sale that could be of interest.

However, not all Black Friday deals offer optimal value. Certain items are often available at lower prices during other times of the year. So knowing when to shop for those essentials is key.

What to Buy

Want to get the best deals on your Black Friday purchases? Here are some of the categories you should focus on.


According to research from RetailMeNot, 69 percent of Black Friday shoppers are looking for electronics. So retailers tend to focus on offering strong discounts for those items. This is also the most popular time of year for these purchases, so you’re unlikely to find better deals by waiting.

All different types of businesses can benefit from tech equipment like laptops and smartphones. Even if you already have these items, upgrading now can help you get the best deal if you think you might need to replace them within the next year.


TVs tend to be another popular category for Black Friday shoppers. Some offices may choose to keep a TV in their break room or reception area. Restaurants and sports bars often put up big screens around their seating areas. And medical facilities use them in waiting areas. Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to get some new screens or upgrade your current ones to smart TVs.


According to RetailMeNot’s research, clothing is actually the most popular category for Black Friday shoppers. So retailers tend to offer optimal deals on these items. Not all businesses have use for clothing items. But some may need to purchase items for gifts or in order to customize items for promotional purposes. So this is the time to scour stores and websites for those items.

Tips for Black Friday Shopping

If you are planning on looking for any of these items on Black Friday or over Thanksgiving weekend, here are some tips to help you make the most of your purchases.

Plan Ahead

RetailMeNot’s Shopping and Trends Expert Sara Skirboll said in an email to Small Business Trends, “Scour the internet for what’s on your shopping list as some retailers might offer it at a better price or have better offers. Try to follow your favorite retailers on social media and sign up for email newsletters. They sometimes will post special sales and offers exclusively for their followers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.”

Start Early

Skirboll also says that many stores start their sales before Thanksgiving even hits. So if you want to avoid the massive crowds, look for items as early as Wednesday. Just make sure you know what the advertised Black Friday deals are so you don’t end up paying more. If you prefer to wait until Friday, get there early so the items you’re after aren’t gone.

Find Late Deals

Since so many shoppers know about the value of early bird deals, some retailers also try to entice people to keep shopping throughout the day. So it is possible to sometimes find deals later in the day.

What Not to Buy

While there are plenty of deals to be had on Black Friday, not every sale is a good one. These items are often available for better prices during the rest of the year.


Need to stock up on new desks or chairs for your office or waiting room? The holiday season may not be the best time to do so.

Skirboll says, “You may find ads for doorbuster deals on furniture from your local department stores or retailers, but don’t give in to the hype. Black Friday is not the time to buy these items as indoor furniture is at its lowest in January and July through August, while the best discounts on patio furniture happen between August and September.”

Fitness Equipment

Many businesses today understand the importance of healthy employees. If you’re trying to start a health program or open up a gym in your facility or home office, you may be better off waiting just a month or two to invest in new equipment.

Skirboll adds, “Most studios, classes and equipment will be heavily discounted in the new year to keep up with New Year Resolutions.”

Gift Cards

Gift cards are popular corporate gifts for clients and team members. However, they’re not usually available at their best deals on Black Friday. If you wait until closer to Christmas, you may find retailers offering better rates on these items. So you can potentially get more than you pay for just by waiting.

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