13% of Shoppers Never Come Back If Their Delivery Isn’t On Time

Retail Delivery Statistics

The latest retail delivery statistics show that consumers now want fast deliveries for the products they purchase. If you are not able to deliver goods on/before the expected time, your store will continually lose a good number of customers.

According to a consumer study by Oracle Retail, 13% of consumers would never order from the retailer if the delivery is late.

Needless to say, consumers expect the same or better service from any traditional or eCommerce store as they get from a big player like Amazon.

As a small business owner, you cannot ignore customer experience if you want to create a large base of consumers.

The Crucial Final Mile – Delivery Statistics

The time once consumers have checked out plays a crucial role in user experience. That’s why 65% of retailers are going to offer the same-day delivery by the end of this year.

Now, consumers not only want you to deliver purchased items faster but also seek hassle-free delivery options.

86% of consumers, as found in the research, feel that retailers should offer them the ability to choose the most convenient delivery option at the time of ordering.

However, the reality is different. 47% of consumers report that the delivery option they want is sometimes, rarely, or never available.

So there is a huge gap in what consumers want and what retailers offer when it comes to the delivery of purchased items.

It’s not like consumers are strict about means of delivery. In fact, 95% of consumers, according to the research, would love free-one-day delivery by whatever means (Be it a drone, a driverless car, or a messenger).

Retail Delivery Statistics

image: Oracle Retail
Online retailers are ahead in the race when it comes to meeting consumers’ expectations.

61% of consumers say online retailers have delivery options that consumers want. Only 46% of consumers say the same thing about direct-to-consumer brands (DTC) brands.

Retail Delivery Statistics

image: Oracle Retail
The product returning process is also crucial for the customer experience.

Consumers want a hassle-free returning process. However, 57% of consumers say that returning a product is a complete hassle or the returning process could be easier, as the study finds.

If you talk about the ideal shopping experience considering the findings of the research, it would be a simple checkout process and lots of delivery options with a hassle-free returning process in place.

How Small Businesses Can Amp Up Their Deliveries

Though you are running a small business, your competition is with big guys. This is because consumers want the same service from you as they get from big players.

So you will have to take your delivery service to the next level.

Here are some proven ways to improve the delivery process:

  • Always provide your consumers with an estimated delivery date
  • Make your internal process simple
  • Speed up communication with your warehouse
  • Choose a reputed fulfillment partner
  • Provide your consumers with a live tracking option
  • Keep your consumers informed about the product movement

Consumers want an overall hassle-free buying experience. So you should also simplify your product returning process to provide your consumers with the next best experience.

Mike Webster, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Retail, says, “Consumer expectations are perpetually in flux, with each positive experience setting a new bar for success in retail.”

“No matter if they’re enjoying the convenience of ridesharing, browsing through a seamless in-app experience or walking into a brick-and-mortar storefront, customers expect the same caliber of service in all interactions, upping the stakes for retailers as they compete with rival brands and new business models,” He added.

About the Study

Savanta Group, independent research & creative consultancy, conducted this research on behalf of Oracle Retail. It included 15,800 consumers and 200 retailers across four key regions – Europe, JAPAC, LATAM, and North America. You can get the full report from here.

Image: Depositphotos.com

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