In the News: Why Cyber Security Training Can Save Your Business

In the News: Why Cyber Security Training Can Save Your Business

Yahoo just announced it is paying out the class action settlement from its security breach which compromised more than 3 billion accounts. It goes without saying, the issue of cybersecurity is an ongoing problem that will be around as long as the Internet exists.

In this weeks’ news roundup, we look at a number of tech-related topics, including Uber Copter, a meditation app for lawyers, and the growth of bots. But cybersecurity training for employees is front and center because it will always be a timely topic, especially for small businesses.

According to our report, 43% of businesses lack regular cybersecurity training. This is particularly important because, with proper training, employees can be the first line of defense in the event of a breach. By quickly identifying an attack, your business can prevent serious financial losses.

You can find out more about cybersecurity as well as the other tech-related subjects and the rest of the headlines in this week’s news and information roundup.

Technology Trends

Do You Make More Typos on Your Desktop or Mobile Device? You May Be Surprised

Who do you think makes more typos or mistakes, desktop or mobile typists? According to a recent infographic from Fenetic Wellbeing, desktop users are making 3X more errors than mobile users. Even though the technology of what we type on has changed, the concept is pretty much the same since 1829.

Low-Tech Self-Employed Most at Risk of Being Overtaken by Bots

Self-employed people in low paid, routine jobs face the greatest risk of being overtaken by artificial intelligence. This finding comes from new research carried out by the School of Management at the University of Buffalo. The study found popular, low skilled, regular jobs face the greatest risk of being replaced.

Your Employees Prefer Emails Over IMs for Work

Most businesses have made emails their default team communication tool. If you also have done the same, you should think beyond it because employees now want more. According to the latest survey from Spike, 77% of employees prefer using emails for work Vs. 23% of employees prefer messaging apps for work.

Expensify Card Generates an Expense Report for Small Business Financial Teams

The new Expensify Card automatically generates an expense report, a receipt and shares transactions with your financial team. For small businesses, this new product means no more lost receipts and overspending on accounts. SMBs can also eliminate end of month money or accounting surprises with this simple swipe card.

70% of Business Contact Centers Move to the Cloud

A report by NICE inContact says 70% of businesses have their entire contact center technology in the cloud or are planning to partially move next year. The Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark study shows businesses are benefiting from having their contact center in the cloud.

Yahoo Small Business Introduces Website Design Service

Yahoo Small Business has unveiled its Website Design Service catering to small businesses. The service provides the design, build, and management of professional websites for small business owners. It is expected to lessen the burden on small businesses from learning how to build and manage websites on their own to using the WordPress platform.

Meditation App Helps Small Business Owners in the Legal Profession

Attorneys have complex legal documents to prepare, lawsuits to win, not to mention a small business to run. So no one should find it surprising lawyers belong to one of the most stressful professions out there. Independent lawyers and small law firms function essentially as small businesses and face fierce competition. This comes particularly from other law firms.


Universal Postal Union Compromise “A Huge Win” for US Small Business

If you face competition from companies importing Chinese products at unfairly low rates, there is good news for you. A recent compromise at the Universal Postal Union’s emergency congress can get you an edge over your Chinese counterparts. Also, it can make your business more competitive.

Wow! U.S. Freelancer Earnings Approach $1 Trillion

With the lure of being independent, flexible working times, freedom to choose projects and a chance to experiment with their craft, more Americans are freelancing. And in 2019 their earning is set to hit the $1 trillion mark. According to the Upwork  Freelancing in America: 2019 study, 57 million Americans are now freelancing.


Visa Introduces Practical Business Skills Program to Help Entrepreneurs Grow

A new financial program from Visa, Practical Business Skills, has been launched. It’s designed to help small businesses with a variety of resources and tools. Small Business Trends contacted Visa Senior Director of Social Impact Hugh Norton to learn more. “Financial and business literacy are two of the most critical skills a small business owner can have,” he wrote.


54% of Online Shoppers Get Subscription Boxes, Can Your Business Sell Them Too?

The demand for subscription boxes is on the rise. For example, 54% of online shoppers subscribe to a subscription box service. The reason for the growing popularity among consumers seems obvious. Imagine ordering subscription boxes and have anything from meals to toiletries delivered regularly on their doorstep.

Retail Trends

Your Customers will Spend More on Halloween in 2019 Than Last Year

Halloween is around the corner and beside the ghouls and goblins, candy is another thing which is synonymous with the celebration. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the total spend in 2018 for candy on Halloween was an astounding $2.6 billion.

Secrets of Preventing Employee Retail Theft Revealed

Shoplifters aren’t the only threat to your retail store’s survival. Employee retail theft can be even more insidious and more damaging. How can you keep your store safe from unscrupulous employees? Here are the secrets of preventing the two types of employee theft –cash theft and inventory theft — from hurting your store.

Small Business Operations

10 Things About OSHA Small Businesses Must Know

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a government agency looking after health and safety standards for your small business. As a result, they can inspect you and hit you with citations. Recently the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) held a webinar called OSHA Essentials for Small Business.

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