Meditation App Helps Small Business Owners in the Legal Profession

Meditation App for Lawyers

Attorneys have complex legal documents to prepare, lawsuits to win, not to mention a small business to run. So no one should find it surprising lawyers belong to one of the most stressful professions out there.

Independent lawyers and small law firms function essentially as small businesses and face fierce competition. This comes particularly from other law firms. So the stress of carrying out their duties and responsibilities as a lawyer and running a business can seem immense.

That’s why one attorney took it upon himself to create a comprehensive meditation app. The app specifically targets lawyers and other professionals in the high-stress legal profession.

Meditation App for Lawyers

The Legally Mindful app aims to help lawyers improve their overall health and well-being. It focuses on a regular mediation practice. And through this app helps attorneys perform more creatively and successfully in their work.

Attorney Gary Powell created the app. Powell currently serves as general counsel for an international, natural-based chemical firm in Cincinnati. But before that he worked in a private litigation practice for 35 years.

Powell noticed a marked improvement in his overall wellbeing and outlook after he embarked on a regular meditation ritual. So he decided to share his method with others working in the high stress job environments.

Powell refers to Legally Mindful as a “passion”. Recently he spoke of the inspiration behind the app.

“After practicing meditation for about 15 years and trying different methods, I felt like it was time to share what has worked for me and help others in the legal profession.

Attorney Launches App to Help Others Relieve Stress

“With sound-assisted meditation, I discovered that I can use the tools I’ve learned and developed over the years to make my work more efficient and productive, and I can carry a more focused and creative mental state into my daily life, which allows me to listen better, think creatively, and respond more effectively. And I am confident that Legally Mindful can do the same for others,” Powell commented.

Powell took his own experiences of meditation and carried out comprehensive research on the practice. He wrote his own guided meditation exercises. They aim at addressing specific issues lawyers and other professionals in the legal profession face.

Powell mapped out meditation exercises to help de-stress lawyers. They focus on relaxation and stress release and emphasize gratitude and compassion. These steps can help improve an individual’s overall happiness and perspective on life.

Powell also worked on a non-guided exercise aimed at improving concentration and focus at work.

With attorneys, the prospect of a forthcoming meeting, task, presentation, or event, becomes extremely daunting. It creates a high degrees of stress and anxiety.

Product Aims to Make Attorneys More Relaxed

Powell worked to help those in stressful environments become more relaxed and less anxious about forthcoming event. He introduced an exercise where lawyers can take their work with them while in a deep meditative state.

The lawyer’s Creative Space exercise enables those using the app to take work-related issues with them into a deep, creative space. Powell designed it to help them explore new solutions.

By the same token, the Meeting Room exercise helps business owners and professionals positively visualize a forthcoming presentation, meeting or other feared event, to help bring on a desired outcome.

The app uses advanced sound technology, which combines brain wave frequencies to provide a more focused meditative state and thereby improved brain coherence and mental functioning.

Despite the Legally Mindful app being designed with lawyers and those working in the legal profession in mind, meditation can be utilized to the advantage of anyone.

As Powell notes:

“While the app is targeted to those in the legal profession, regular practice of the exercise can benefit anyone.”

Running a small business in any capacity is not without its stresses. Taking advantage of apps and designed to encourage meditation and mind and focus exercises could prove beneficial, not just to lawyers, but anyone running their own business where they find themselves juggling multiple tasks and faced with presentations, meetings and other unavoidable tasks they might be dreading.

Image: LegallyMindful/YouTube

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  1. I guess this is great because it is designed to calm down a target market. It may work better than a generalized app.