20 Things to Sell at a Flea Market Year Round

20 Things to Sell at a Flea Market Year Round

Flea markets take place in various venues throughout the country. And though there are many outdoor markets that take place mainly in the summer, there are also communities and organizations that host them throughout the year.

Flea markets give entrepreneurs and side hustlers a perfect way to earn some extra money. They can even give you a way to test out an idea so you can grow your business after starting out with a simple flea market stand.

Things to Sell at a Flea Market

If you’re interested in flea market selling, your first priority should be finding what to sell. Here are some of the products to consider.


You can sell both handmade and vintage or used clothing at flea market booths. It can help you supplement your income from an online handmade clothing shop. Or you can simply use it as a way to make extra money by cleaning out your own closet. Kids’ clothing also tends to be very popular at flea markets, since parents often want to save money on items their kids will grow out of quickly.


Purses can also be popular with flea market shoppers. You can either sell vintage ones from popular labels or make your own with a unique signature style.


Another fashion accessory option, offer vintage designer shoes or clean out your own closet and offer your shoes at a discounted price. Again, kids shoes tend to be very popular at flea markets.


When it comes to jewelry, you can offer pretty much any type or style at flea markets. Set up a booth with your own handmade pieces or start collecting vintage pieces to sell.

Upcycled Furniture

If you can get a booth that’s large enough, you can purchase old pieces of furniture like tables or benches and then fix them up and sell them at higher prices.

Vintage Housewares

Housewares like cake pans, window treatments, and clocks can all do well at flea markets. They may be particularly popular if you can find unique vintage pieces.


People often scour flea markets for interesting pieces of art for their homes. Sell your own pieces or collect items from other artists to sell. Prints and 2D pieces tend to be particularly popular. But you could also offer sculptures and 3D pieces.

Customized Signs

Wooden, hand-painted signs tend to be very popular with flea market shoppers. You can even offer to add people’s names or details to signs while they shop so they can enjoy a completely customized piece.

Holiday Decorations

If you’re selling at a flea market just before a popular holiday like Halloween or Christmas, you can potentially inspire some impulse purchases by offering trees, signs, lights or other decor.

Garden Supplies

Garden supplies are likely to be especially popular during spring and summer. However, you can still appeal to shoppers by offering non-plant accessories like painted stones or plant markers.


If you’re able to make bar soaps and other bath products with interesting scents and colors, those items can really appeal to people as gifts or impulse purchases.

Used Books

Books are always a crowd pleasing options. Collect items that are popular with a particular target audience, like crime novels or comic books. Or just offer a full selection of used titles.


You can also make a decent profit by offering old magazines, especially if you can find or buy them for cheap. Those that depict historical periods or events, like old Time magazines or National Geographics, tend to be especially popular.


Records are popular with music fans and collectors. If you have an old collection lying around or the time to scour record stores for deals, you can sell them for a profit.


Kids’ items are popular with budget conscious parents who shop at flea markets. As long as the toys you have are clean and safe, you should be able to sell them at a decent price.


Collectibles like coins can also be very popular at flea markets. Spend some time at different venues or research the types of items that are available at each one to make sure you find the best place to sell specific collectibles.


Similarly, stamp collectors may scour flea market booths for items to add to their collections.

Trading Cards

Trading cards, including things like baseball cards or those from sci-fi or fantasy cames, also have a decent following at various secondhand markets.

Baked Goods

Some flea markets allow vendors to sell food items at their booths. Baked goods like cookies can be easily packaged and sold for people to take with them.

Canned Goods

Similarly, you can easily package up canned goods like jelly or salsa. You may still have to meet food safety and certification standards in order to sell edible products at flea markets.

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  1. It is about goods that always get interest no matter what time of the year. Go with that and it can help you sell products on a flea market.

  2. OldMaidWhovian

    I used to own a flea market business—NEVER saw baked goods or other ‘hand-crafted’ food items, except at some VERY small venues….most flea markets—TRUE fleas, control the food stalls.

  3. Sold for years at Mile High flea market. Great way (and fun) to attract people is place some jumping beans on a small table out front. As they bounce and click around, you seriously will have crowd of people checking them out, and your other items. You profit selling some jumping beans…and it attracts attention. Try it out! You can get a small sack of Mexican jumping beans inexpensive at amazingbeans.com

  4. Great way to attract people…sell Mexican jumping beans! seriously…place some on a tray on a table in front of your spot..you will soon have a crowd checking them out…and your other items. Did this for years..it works…and it is fun! You can buy small sacks of jumping beans at amazingbeans.com