Can This Technology Revolutionize Public Restrooms in Your Business?


Devices like smartphones and bathroom equipment can now eliminate power cords or nuisance battery changes through infrared technology. Wi-Charge sends beams to a receiver converting the light to energy.

A Look at Wi-Charge

Small Business Trends spoke with Yuval Boger, CMO of Wi-Charge. He told us why this technology is important for small businesses.

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The Whole Process

He explained the whole process in a nutshell.

“We send a thin directly focused beam of light from one side of the room to the device that you need charged,” he said. “There’s a small photovoltaic cell at the other end that converts it back to electricity.”

There’s a parallel here to the way solar power works. Two of the big advantages are in getting rid of charging wires and the need to replace batteries. Rechargeable batteries are constantly topped up as long as you’re in range.

Energy Sources

These are the kind of energy sources that are found in smart door locks and smart phones to name just a few places

Another box to check is simplicity. Wi-Charge is plug and play. There’s no configuration necessary and no breaks in your workflow to deal with. Only the transmitter is connected to a traditional energy source like a wall socket.

“There’s plentiful energy without sacrificing the mobility that’s associated with not being tethered,” Boger says.

One the bigger applications is in your company restrooms.

Wi-Charge does away with power cables charging batteries for IoT devices like faucets and flush valves. Know when your soap dispenser is low on soap without the danger of cables in wet environments.

Battery-Operated Devices

Not every small business knows how many battery-operated devices there are in a company restroom. This product tops up the po

It’s all good news if you run a small business like a facilities manager. More and more devices use IoT technology. And wireless power doesn’t always supply all the juice needed. Wi-Charge is also environmentally friendly since it cuts down on the number of batteries you’ll use.

Thinking about using Wi-Charge for your home-based business or small office? There’s a few more features that you’ll need to consider.

Power for Several Meters

For example, the small receivers are easy to install. They provide power for several meters. You don’t need to worry about the energy levels dropping as you get away from the power source. Wi-Charge is safe. These devices have been certified by international and US regulators.

The company claims 100% of the power reaches the receiver. That’s different from Wi-Fi that wastes energy. However, a single Wi-Charge transmitter can cover 250 ft.² which is the size of a home-based or other small business.

Boger explains why the technology is very accurate.

“We use an infrared laser,” he says. “You can think of it like an invisible laser pointer.”

Wi-Charge is also EMI free. That means it won’t interfere with any other Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular systems you have set up.

Learn more about Wi-Charge here.


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  1. This will really change the way bathrooms work but it can also be used for different purposes. It will really open opportunities.

  2. Faucets & flush valves are IoT devices? Or are they just electronic devices?

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