In the Spotlight: Brainz Power Uses Brilliant Strategy to Capture Brain Health Niche

Brainz Power Sells Brain Health Products to Make You Smarter Naturally

For years, college campuses have been home to a growing epidemic affecting their brain health. Students turn to things like Adderall to focus and make it through their studies. But one USC student decided to do something about this growing epidemic a few years ago. Thus, Brainz Power was born.

Read on to learn about the company’s unique offering and its young founder in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

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What the Business Does

Sells nootropics and brain health products.

Founder Andrew Kozlovski told Small Business Trends, “Being a full spectrum brain solution, we deliver fats for mental energy, nootropics for focus and memory, and Krill Oil for long term brain health… no other combines the top 4 brain nourishing products under one roof.”

Business Niche

Focusing on quality.

Kozlovski says, “You would be shocked how many companies over price and under deliver on serving amounts of correct nutrition in the brain health space.”

Small Business Deals

How the Business Got Started

To address a common issue on college campuses.

Kozlovski says, “I started Brainz Power 5 years ago when I was a freshman at USC to address the Adderall epidemic going on around all college campuses. There wasn’t a company addressing it, nor providing a natural alternative … so I did.”

Biggest Win

Making it into Forbes… before even graduating from college.

Kozlovski adds, “It tripled business in one week.”

Biggest Risk

Getting started with almost no resources.

Kozlovski explains, “I was 18 years old, had $500, and turned that into 250k by the time I was 22. I had to pay for college myself, thus $500 at the time was a lot to me.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Growing the business online.

Kozlovski says, “[I would invest in] influencer marketing, and 90% of that poured into FaceBook targeted ads.”

Fun Fact

The business almost had a very different name.

Kozlovski says, “It was close to being called Smart Pill.”

Favorite Quote

“You’re never too young to change the world.”

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Image: Brainz Power, Andrew Kozlovski

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  1. I guess there is a niche for that and there are people who need these. So I guess this is a hypertargeted niche.