20 Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell for a Handmade Holiday Business

Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell During the Holidays

You’ll find approximately 2.1 million sellers on Etsy. That makes it the largest platform for the selling of handmade items in the world. So clearly we can say that handmade industry is booming.

The festive period presents the perfect opportunity. A handmade business can capitalize on the growing demand for quirky, interesting and unique handmade items.

Do you possess these creative skills. Then consider this profitable option around this time of year. Make some extra money by creating handmade holiday ornaments. Check out this list of Christmas ornaments to make and sell.

Christmas Candle Holders

There’s nothing quite like the sweet smell of cinnamon to create some festive cheer. Pretty, festive candle holders that are doused in glitter and have a red ribbon tied round them, are bound to be in big demand at Christmas time.

Handmade Wooden Christmas Trees

Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes. Why not provide people with an ‘alternative’ Christmas tree by making them out of wood? Use your imagination and creativity to design a handmade wooden Xmas tree to really make an impact.

Festive Yule Logs

With just some old scraps of wood, pine cones, ivy and other natural materials we associate with Christmas, you can make adorable festive yule log ornaments to sell in the run up to Christmas.

Wooden Nativity Scenes

If you’re skilled at woodwork and have a steady hand, wooden nativity scenes make beautiful Christmas ornaments that will never go out of fashion.

Wooden Father Christmases

If you’re a dab hand at carving intricate items out of wood then one of the most popular Christmas ornaments to make and sell, has to be wooden Father Christmases.

Simply get the shape of your wooden Santa right and then have fun painting the handmade ornament in festive colours.

Festive Picture Frames

Sending precious family pictures to loved ones is always going to be one of the most popular gifts at Christmas, so why not provide people with a beautiful handmade festive picture frame to put their favorite photos in?

Snow Globe Picture

Go one step further by making a 3D snow globe photo frame and filling it with fake snow, surrounding miniature reindeer ornaments, Christmas tree ornaments and other festive items, to create truly unique and beautiful Christmas gifts.

Wooden snowmen

Out of all the DIY ornaments you can make and sell at Christmas, wooden snowmen have to be among the favorites.

Simply carve a snowman shape out of wood then paint the little fella in white, with a colourful scarf, hat and, of course, a carrot nose.

Christmas Tree Decorations

From personalized name tags in the shape of an antler, to Christmas characters made out of felt, there’s endless fun to be had creating unique, quirky and simply gorgeous handmade Christmas decorations to hang on the tree.

Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments

If you want to make and sell a popular festive ornament this Christmas, then stock up on dough and cinnamon and bake a ton of cinnamon cookies shaped into Christmas characters like snowmen, Father Christmases and reindeers.

Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

Purchase a big bag of wooden beads and then have fun creating beaded snowflakes held together with twine, for people to decorate their homes with this Christmas.

Peanut Christmas Garland

One especially unique and quirky Christmas ornament you can make and sell, are delightful peanut Christmas garlands. Go to town turning peanuts into gorgeous Christmas characters, such as reindeers with red noses and fluffy ears and tiny Christmas stockings. Then tie your peanut characters together with a festive ribbon or piece of string.

Santa Pom-Poms

Buy a bag of pom-poms and deck them out with a Santa hat, handmade spectacles and red nose and sell them as fun and loveable Santa pom-poms to hang on the tree.

Sugar Cookie Ornaments

Out of all the DIY ornaments you can make for Christmas, be sure to devote some time to this one – sugar cookie ornaments.

Any family with a sweet tooth will be queuing up to buy these delicious handmade Christmas ornaments that are shaped like Xmas trees, snowflakes, Santas and other festive objects and doused in icing sugar.

Wooden Advent Calendar Ornament

Nobody can resist an endearing advent calendar made from wood. One of the simplest and most effective types of handmade advent calendars are carved into a chalkboard, decorated in berries, ribbons, pine cones and more. Each member of the family has to write the new date on the chalk board calendar every morning during December.

Wooden Festive Wreath

Adorable festive wreaths are always in demand. Get your creative juices flowing by making a wreath out of wooden slices, customized in bows, berries and ribbons.

Snowflake Wall Shelf

Put your most ambitious crafting skills to use by making a wall shelf out of wood carved into a snowflake shape that gives people a place to put other delightful Christmas ornaments.

Glitter Lights

Another one of the most popular Christmas ornaments you can make and sell has to be glitter Christmas lights to bring endless festive cheer to a home. Douse LED bulbs in glitter of festive colors such as red, silver and gold, then attach them to some wire so people can hang them round the home.

Christmas Ribbon Star

Find the most luxurious red ribbon you can and nail it down onto some reclaimed wood into a star shape, for a dramatic and unique festive decoration nobody will be able to resist.

Pallet Christmas Trees

Get an old wooden pallet and then paint a Christmas tree on it, adorned with colorful pom-poms to bring your creation to life. You can even attach fairy lights to the pallet to give your festive ornament that extra twinkle.

How to Promote Your Handmade Holiday Business

Don’t forget to take plenty of photos of your adorable festive creations. Post them on Instagram and other social channels to promote your handmade craft business to the max.

Then send the items to your customer via US Postal Service, UPS or Federal Express. And make sure you add a business card in the package. This markets your business. And it takes advantage of what has to be the busiest times of year for craft makers.

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