Facebook Deploys New Tools for Military and Veteran Entrepreneurs

Facebook Military and Veterans Hub

Facebook helps veterans and active military members stay connected. As a result, over 900,000 Americans participate. For example, there are over 2000 groups for veterans, active military people and spouses.

Now, Facebook announces new tools focusing on veteran owned small businesses. Small Business Trends contacted Payton Iheme, Public Policy Manager at Facebook who is also a US veteran, to learn more.

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She says the various military Facebook groups are just one way they get involved.

Veteran Owned Small Businesses

“We’ve also been in contact with many veteran-owned small businesses,” she writes.  “They utilize our tools every day to stay connected with their community. These people source employees and sell their wares and/or services.”

Veterans use these resources for business. As a result, Facebook decided to put the resources and tools they need to succeed together .

Facebook Military and Veterans Hub

The Facebook Military and Veterans Hub will help active military members and veterans build their community. For example, it will help them find jobs and focus on digital skills.

Small Business Deals

Online Safety Tips

“It includes ways to join military or veteran communities on Facebook and online safety tips. There are resources for finding jobs and digital skills training through a new partnership with SCORE,” she writes.

SCORE is a large network of volunteers and experts supporting America’s veterans, military spouses and families.  For example, SCORE provides mentoring and education for the folks in the veteran community who want to start businesses. Facebook and SCORE offer a mentor match program, workshops and a veteran-focused educational toolkit too.

Iheme highlights the initiative’s effectiveness.

“Survey data from SCORE shows that entrepreneurs with access to a mentor are five times more likely to succeed in business.”

Ten Chapters

Facebook will partner with ten local Score chapters with high concentrations of military members and veterans. SCORE will also have veteran mentors on hand.

Along with this mentor match there will be a veteran focused educational toolkit including the steps in developing a business plan. And veteran-focused interactive workshops.  There is also an AR/VR Engineering Program for Veterans.

Iheme explains:

“The values and experiences of Military Veterans play a key role in helping us bring the world closer together. We’re launching a 12-month career development pilot program for Veterans with a background in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science to solve global challenges.”

Military Experience

There’s also a  Military Skills Translator matching Facebook careers with military experience.

There’s plenty of proof these initiatives are working.

“As a veteran, I went through the SCORE program when transitioning into civilian life,” Iheme says. “It helped me and my husband, who is a small business owner, build confidence and access tools and education.”

Frank Diaz also benefits. The Army veteran and the owner of Tin Hut BBQ uses the Jobs Tool  to find veterans  looking for work.

Image: newsroomfb.com

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  1. I guess they are now seeing the trend in the entrepreneurshp nature of veterans. These tools can encourage more to join in as well.