12 Retail Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Overlook

12 Retail Marketing Strategies You Haven't Heard Of

Excellent retail marketing strategies make a big difference to small businesses. According to Statista, retail American ecommerce will grow steadily through to 2023. Getting retail marketing right is important.

Here are 12 retail marketing strategies you might not have heard of.

Retail Marketing Strategies You Can Use

Try A Custom Phone Number

Ellen Sluder is the VP of Marketing at RingBoost.  She says using more traditional methods works great.

“Getting a custom phone number is a great way for retail businesses to stand out and connect better with customers.”

It’s a good way to make your mark in a digital world.

Use Augmented Reality

Depending on the industry you’re in, augmented reality is one of the big trends this year. If you sell furniture or home improvements, these apps can place 3D models right in front of your clients.

Keep Signage Simple

There are other great retail marketing strategies that can help your small business stand out. Signage works for brick and mortar retailers looking to compete. Don’t get fancy. Clean crisp fonts grab attention.

Leverage Gift Cards

Stacy Caprio is the Founder of Growth Marketing.

“Send customers a $5 or $10 off gift card in the mail for a retail store that has products for $20 and up. This is a great way to make customers feel special,” she writes.

Focus on Curbside Appeal

Nifty store front displays are important for good retail marketing. So is what’s out in front of those store windows. Keeping the curb tidy and clean impresses folks. So does a sandwich board with the right message.

Offer to Host Events

Lexie Smith, Founder, THEPRBAR Inc. supplied three excellent retail marketing strategies.

“For example, host one of your next local chamber of commerce mixers,” she writes. “During the event, offer an exclusive discount for attendees.”

Collaborate with Other Businesses on a Pop Up

Get together with a complementary brand to put on a pop up event.  These are temporary by nature. And you need to look for a unique space to make them work.

Join a Local or Online Discount Directory

Caprio explains how to make the most out of this kind of

“If something hyper-local doesn’t exist, test out a site such as Groupon to pull in a new crowd.”

Consider Cross-Media Marketing

“This can be as simple as adding QR codes to your catalogs or postcards,” writes Chris Biscuiti  from Minuteman Press. “Or you can create a hashtag and include it on your marketing materials to create more awareness and engagement.”

Create a Unique Review Reward Program

Nikola Baldikov, the Digital Marketing Manager at Brosix, offers an interesting spin on that old standby, reward program.

“We’ve recently had great success creating a client reward program when they share their opinion of our product on review websites,” he writes.” Our thinking is that potential customers are looking for reliable information directly from users.”

Leverage Local Lingo

A conversational tone sells. You’ll engage even more people when you throw in some of the local lingo. Here’s a dialect quiz to get you started.

Don’t Forget Omnichannel Retail Marketing Strategies

Finally, don’t forget that brick and mortar retail is alive and kicking. It’s a big part of the omnichannel trend whereby customers compare online and shop in physical locations.

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  1. Retail continues to thrive despite the dawn of online marketing. This means that there is still something good with feeling products firsthand before you buy them.