10 Tips on How to Pack and Ship a Gift

10 Tips on How to Pack and Ship a Gift

Plan to send gifts to suppliers, clients and partners? Make sure they are in the same condition as they were when you packed them. You’ll find this vital in maintaining quality professional relationships. After all, who wants to receive a broken gift?

How to Ship a Gift

Taking care when shipping and packing gifts meant for clients, customers, or partners is important. Here are some tips on how to ship a gift for business.

Use a Box that is the Right Size for Your Gift

It may sound obvious but using a box that is the right size for your gift is an important aspect of shipping gifts. Get the box too big, and you run the risk of the item rattling around in transportation and becoming damaged. Get the box too small, and the gift could become quashed and damaged.

Think Carefully About the Packing Materials and Opt for Eco-Friendly Materials

When you a ship a gift, for example, thanking a loyal customer for their continued business, think carefully about what material you will pack the gift in. For larger, more delicate gifts, you may want to use a robust, corrugated cardboard box. For smaller, flatter gifts, a rigid cardboard express envelope is likely be the most suitable option to keep the gift protected.

Using eco-friendly materials to package your business gifts is an effective way for your business to reduce its carbon footprint and be seen in a corporately responsible business. As packaging specialists, GWP Group notes:

“Sustainable packaging is becoming increasingly important from not just an environmental perspective, but from a business one too.”

Make Good Use of Internal Packaging

For more breakable items, for example, if you are shipping wine as a gift for a marketing partner who has carried out an effective marketing campaign for you all year, ensure the gift is surrounded by adequate internal packaging.

Use plenty of bubble wrap, loose fill polystyrene peanuts, polyethylene foam, or crumpled paper, to provide internal cushioning and prevent movement from inside the box.

When packaging a gift, use Apple as a source of inspiration, which is globally renowned for its clever use of packaging. As the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, once said:

“A hen’s egg is, quite simply, a work of art, a masterpiece of design and construction with, it has to be said, brilliant packaging!”

Wrap Each Item Individually

If your gift comprises of more than one item, a cup and saucer for example for a loyal colleague, be sure to wrap each item individually with plenty of bubble wrap or crumpled paper, to protect them during transit.

Fill Out Hollow Items

If you ship a gift that is a hollow item, such as a vase or bottle holder, fill the interior with plenty of internal package like bubble wrap. That way the item will have extra protection during transportation when such objects are especially prone to becoming broken

Weigh the Gift After You Have Packaged it

With the additional weight of packaging, it is important you weigh your gift after you have packaged it. If, for example, you are shipping wine as a gift to employees for Christmas, weigh the wine once it has been packaged up. This will provide you with an accurate weight of the package.

Add the Right Amount of Postage

When you’re sending a thoughtful gift message to say thank you to a hard-working supplier or employee, the last thing you want is for there to be a long delay in the recipient receiving the gift.

Putting the incorrect postage on a package due to insufficient weight can cause huge delays in shipping and could even result in the package failing to reach its destination at all.

It’s therefore important that you weigh the gift after you have packaged it and send it with the right postage.

Print Your Postage Online

When you ship a gift of thanks and gratitude to clients or customers, save valuable time by printing the postage online. Use an online postage app to print a printed postage stamp conveniently and quickly to your desktop printer.

Label the Gift as Fragile

Delicate, breakable items, like fine china, glassware and crystals, make beautiful gifts for valuable clients, customers, partners or suppliers to enjoy for many years to come.

Give the gift maximum opportunity to arrive to its destination in one piece by marking the package as fragile, so the carrier knows it should be handled with care.

Use Tracking Services

To make sure your gift message arrives in the hands it’s intended for, use tracking services when you send the parcel. Tracking services, such as the ones offered by USPS and FedEx, enable you to keep track of the status and location of your package.

You will also receive proof of delivery when the gift has been reached its destination. What’s more, tracking services are free and therefore won’t cost your business anything.

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