Pinterest Releases Top Consumer Trends for 2020

using pinterest for business

Pinterest has revealed its top consumer trends for 2020. And the results show what’s in the pipeline for the popular image-sharing site in the new year.

2020 Consumer Trends

Among the key trends for the forthcoming year is a demand for more environmentally friendly content. This includes thrifted home décor and solar light crafts. Other leading trends poised to be a prevalent feature of Pinterest in the new year include a return to the 90s. Think grunge fashion, 90s’ music and space-themed inspiration. But we’ll also see a heavy focus on STEM educational topics.

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More than 320 million people use Pinterest each month. It serves as a source of inspiration. So the savviest of small businesses use the visual social site as an effective place to market products and to increase brand awareness.

Look at social media interests. For example, consider Pinterest’s Top 100 Trends for 2020. It can be an effective way for small businesses to develop personalized and effective marketing campaigns, based on what consumers are demanding.

How Businesses Can Use Trend Insights

Businesses can use trend insights to get a greater understanding of the products and services consumers seek. Or to meet such demands via their own in-store and online products. Such perceptions can help small businesses come up with strategic and effective ways to connect with audiences. And as a result, ways to grow their brand reach and appeal.

As Vikram Bhaskaran, Head of Vertical Strategy at Pinterest, states:

“The Pinterest 100 is our way of passing insights on to businesses and advertisers that can help them inform their strategic approach to reach audiences more effectively and impactfully. Every trend on the P100 list represents a specific Pinterest search term that’s growing in popularity with Pinners all over the world. It’s often the case that categorical trends influence multiple verticals allowing businesses to utilize these insights to get ahead of what their audience will want to try, buy and do throughout 2020.

Doing Things Differently

“This year we’re doing things differently and offering brands an even deeper look than ever before by creating a dedicated microsite where brands can dig deeper into the trends. We also organized the trends into ten macro-themes that show broader cultural shifts, so brands can track the changes in consumer behavior. They can explore the site by theme to see what’s going to be big in specific categories. Lastly, we’re announcing the introduction of Pinterest Trends, a new tool that gives a view of the top US search terms within the past 12 months, accessible to anyone looking to learn when people start searching and what content is popular on Pinterest.”

Other key takeaways of the Pinterest Top 100 Trends for 2020 are also revealed. These are things consumers will be yearning for in impending months. For example, the concept of ‘re-wilding.’ Re-wilding refers to the practice of getting out in the open and participating in a variety of outdoor activities. For example, lake fishing, rockhounding, bushcraft camping and more.

In 2020, consumers will also demand more responsible travel options. For example eco-friendly train trips, staycations, green cities and more. These insights could prove invaluable in helping small businesses strike a chord with consumers. But first they need to get their marketing strategies and product range right.


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  1. Gabrilella: I have to take another look at Pinterest, and figure out how I can use this social media platform in 2020. It feels like Pinterest is up and coming, but not yet in the definitive top 3 list yet. Maybe the vacuum with Google+, Pinterest could give Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter a match? How about SnapChat’s position? Will TikTok be around in a couple of years?

    I will explore the home hub trend and I will fight for a home tea station for 2020! 😉

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