Heard about Certified Pre-Owned Cars? Now Dell Leads the Way with Certified Pre-Owned Computers

Certified Pre-Owned Computers Meet the Small Business Market

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Certified pre-owned cars are familiar. This industry started with luxury vehicles like Mercedes and Lexus in the 1990s.  Under the Certified Pre-owned program, manufacturers established a standard for quality. And they stood behind the certifications.

As a result, consumers got more affordable vehicles to choose from. And the peace of mind of owning something backed by the manufacturer.

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Now, certified pre-owned computers take hold. And Dell leads in this new niche.

Certified Pre-Owned Computers Meet the Small Business Market

Small Business Trends spoke with Kyle Dunn, Worldwide General Manager of Global Dell Outlet, about the new program from Dell .

This fairly new market shows signs of thriving. For example, Liquidity Services estimated the refurbished market for consumer electronics to be worth $10 billion in 2014 alone. And prepare for things to only get bigger with the ever-increasing environmental focus.

Dunn introduced the effort this way:

“Dell Outlet sells three different classifications of laptops, desktops and servers,” he said. “All the refurbished Dell PCs carry a full warranty just like our new products.”

The big question for small businesses remains why use a refurbished computer? As a result, Dell Outlet focuses on answering that question. They understand that refurbished can mean used or cheap or poor quality for some business owners.

Removing the Fear of Purchasing

Take a look at what Dell Outlet is offering.  They’ve erased the fear of purchasing a computer with a mysterious past. This company is known for reliable credible work computers and other electronics. There’s a rigorous process involved for the refurbished computers.

They need to meet the same quality and performance standards of their other new products. Long story short is consumers are protected. The manufacturer stands behind these products.

Not Only Certified and Pre-owned but Eco-Friendly and Affordable

There is some competition. HP draws from the same basic pool as Dell. The HP version draws from overstocks and their products are covered by an HP limited warranty.

These Dell refurbished computers make good business sense from several different business angles. For example, the average start up doesn’t have a big bank account. As a result, the refurbished category Dunn calls “scratch and dent” are 100% certified and easy on the pocket book.

“These go through the same process and are certified refurbished,” he says. “But these have a noticeable blemish or scratch that don’t affect the performance at all.”

No Scratches or Dents

He’s quick to point out there’s no scratches or dents on the screen. And there’s no missing keys or anything that could affect the computer’s performance.

Of course, security is another concern. Not only are these cherry picked for lower usage, they come with a clean history.

That was the game changer for professionals like Paul Orlando, Incubator Director and Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California. Orlando also serves as publisher of Unintended Consequences

He explained on the Dell website why refurbished computers were his choice for keeping business data safe.

“Security is the first thing I think of in terms of refurbished laptops or computers,” he writes.  Did the previous owner wipe their data from the machine? Is the computer at risk of firmware or software tampering? I can trust a refurbisher to solve that issue, I’d be more likely to consider buying refurbished.”

Dell looks after all of those security needs. And the environmental aspect.

Then there’s an environmental aspect.

“We have a commitment to the circular economy and environmental responsibilities,” Dunn says.

Latest Technology

Many small businesses can’t afford new technology. As a result these refurbished models offer good computers and the ability to go green.

The company stands behind this eco-friendly push.

“Dell keep an estimated 1200 tons of waste out of landfill annually by reselling our returns,” Dunn says.

Small businesses can learn more here.

Image: Dell

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