10 Ways to Boost Employee Satisfaction

10 Ways to Boost Employee Satisfaction

Research points to the fact there’s a link between employee fulfillment and your bottom line. As a result, here are 10 ways to boost employee satisfaction.

Be Aware of The Link to Emotional Wellness

The first step is to understand there’s a strong link between how employees feel and how they perform.  For  example, a recent study reported most (90%) workers  say they do better work when their  company takes their emotional wellness into account. It’s the first step in boosting retention rates.

As a result, Taking the workers temperature emotionally through a survey is a good first step.

Implement Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Small businesses need to be aware that job hopping is a big trend. Implementing an employee assistance program helps to boost satisfaction. Start with a detailed employee handbook so everybody is on the same page.

Allow for Telecommuting

Making the atmosphere pleasant at work can make your employees more satisfied. Allowing them to change their surroundings by telecommuting one or two days a week boosts their morale more.  Using the cloud through Dropbox keeps important files safe and accessible.

Change Physical Locations

Actually moving your brick-and-mortar location can also boost employee satisfaction. A commercial real estate broker can help.

But Don’t Give Up on Brick and Mortar Entirely!

Flexibility boosts employee satisfaction. And that includes keeping a brick and mortar option open for workers. Long story short is don’t give up on brick and mortar entirely.

Create Flexible Work Schedules

Bethany Spence is the Content Marketing Specialist at Exposure Ninja. She recommends flexible work arrangements to foster job satisfaction.

“Exposure Ninja is a 100% remote company, meaning every single team member works from their own environment,” she writes. “Employees are free to set their own work schedule. So long as they can be contacted for at least two hours within the regular workday. Since we transitioned to a remote company structure, we’ve seen a 50% increase in employee productivity.”

How to Boost Employee Satisfaction

Include Employees on Business Trips

Dylan Gallagher is the founder of White Wolf Private Tours. He has an interesting way to increase employee satisfaction through engagement.

“Many of our guides love to travel themselves, so we take them with us on our business trips. And when we do, we make sure to make our trip more than business. We explore the cities, sometimes on other tours (for research), and sometimes even pay for their spouses to come.”

Offer Learning Opportunities

Good employees want to be constantly nourished. They want to learn new things so they can feel like they’re a member of your small business and producing. Try to keep in mind that people learn by doing. If you’re giving them an opportunity to learn a new skill, a workshop is a good idea.

Reward Performance

“Employees are no longer just working to live by paycheck to paycheck. They want to be in a healthy work environment. Recognizing your employee’s performance is going to motivate and empower them. Managers that take the time to highlight employee strengths become more productive in the workplace.”

– Andy Aranda, CEO at Relaxation Company

Keep Teams Small

The smaller the work teams, the more chance for employee satisfaction. A group of no more than five allows everyone to stay engaged and have a say.

If you’re asking what is job satisfaction, these tips can help.

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