Weave Payments Untangles Payment Processing for Small Businesses

Weave Payments Untangles Payment Processing for Small Business

Weave has announced the launch of Weave Payments. It’s a full-scale payments platform that caters to small and midsize businesses (SMBs). The platform looks to help owners reduce the time spent on back-end functions. These include processing paperwork so they can instead focus on growing and running successful businesses.

This is good news for the estimated 30+ million businesses across America. The platform comes with complete merchant services working in tandem with Weave’s communication suite to make processing payments simple for SMBs.

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Launch of Weave Payments

Its features include Text to Pay, fast-processing terminals and mobile wallets. This, in turn, allows everything from payments to appointments to be integrated within Weave’s toolbox. Most small businesses rely on various software and platforms to assist them in running their businesses to provide personalized customer experiences. But managing these various platforms can be a drain on their resources. In turn, this forces them to hire more employees earlier than many would like.

The most critical function, that of accepting and processing payments, can be a tedious and time-consuming process for small firms. And, getting that payment software to integrate with other business-critical apps can be challenging for some small business owners as well.

Payments is part of the overall Weave platform, a complete business toolbox for service-based businesses.

“Weave Payments is an integral part of the end-to-end Weave platform. Weave offers solutions for every step of the business process–from the first phone call to the final invoice,” says Jefferson Lyman, Chief Product Officer at Weave, in the press release.

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What Does Weave Do?

Weave’s toolbox mostly caters to service-based businesses. It does this through the integration of hardware and software solutions. They help streamline and simplify business growth, retention and communication.

Weave’s offering to SMBs helps businesses attract customers. And also retain them. Most importantly, the software communicates with them in a way that they want to be communicated with.

In an exclusive email interview with Small Business Trends, Marty Smuin, COO of Weave, says, “The problem Weave solves is one of communications, but also one of efficiency and control for the business operator; our toolbox brings it all together, no more operating from 5 or 6 software platforms, which prevents optimization and causes confusion, which increases costs and causes churn.”

The software install is seamless. But it will require replacing an office phone system with a new VoIP phone system.

“Providing a new VoIP phone system, which is easy to install, and our software platform makes Weave the most powerful customer-oriented platform on the market today. The overall transition is to Weave is simple,” adds Smuin.

Throughout the entire deployment, Weave ensures it doesn’t interrupt your business end-to-end.

Once deployed, the system provides a unified offering. It brings the operational platform on the market today to bear. This entails providing a seamless communication platform. It begins with an intelligent phone platform. The platform collects and displays all call/customer data. The software manages all data with the goal of significantly increasing functionality and efficiency.

“Everything we do takes into consideration the customer relationship from both sides, what we provide to our customers and what our customers provide for their customers.  One-stop shopping for a platform that is bookended by VoIP phones and a payment platform with all the communication stack in between, this is what sets Weave apart,” says Smuin.

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  1. There are now more demands for a payment platform that integrates seamlessly with various payment channels. The key is for it to integrate across different systems.