SocialConnect and Email Connect Help Small Businesses Manage Digital Conversations

New LivePerson Platforms

LivePerson, a world leader in providing businesses with conversational commerce solutions, has launched two new platforms designed to help small businesses manage their digital conversations with customers.

New LivePerson Platforms

SocialConnect provides simplified customer care of social media, helping businesses manage social interactions through the LiveEngage AI-powered messaging platform.

LivePerson has simultaneously launched Email Connect. Like SocialConnect, EmailConnect harnesses the power of the industry leading LiveEngage platform by offering small businesses an innovative way to manage, analyze and respond to emails.

Regardless of which channel conversations with customers occur on, whether it’s email or social media accounts, SocialConnect and EmailConnect allows small businesses to manage customer conversations with ease, all from one convenient place.

Managing and staying on top of conversations with customers costs time and money, resources that many small businesses often lack. Failing to keep up to date with conversations can be equally debilitating, as it runs the risk of brands looking unprofessional, annoying customers through lack of communication, and ultimately missing out on potential business.

Small Business Problems Eliminated

Use LivePerson’s SocialConnect and EmailConnect. You’ll find the issues small businesses routinely face through the cross-communication channels of the modern day are effectively eliminated.

Small Business Deals

The two platforms enable businesses to manage large volumes of emails, social mentions, direct messages and more. All this happens on the same conversational platform that they use to manage the likes of WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger and others.

By increasing the efficiency of email and social media conversations, small businesses can benefit from reduced costs and improved communication operations compared to relying on multiple services and dashboards to manage individual channels.

As Alex Spinelli, CTO of LivePerson, explains:

“SocialConnect and EmailConnect make it possible for any brand to easily bring social and email into the cutting-edge world of conversational commerce. Even better, they help brands lower costs and improve outcomes, all while cutting out additional systems to deploy, learn, and manage.”

Currently the SocialConnect platform supports Facebook and Twitter conversations. Exchanges on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google My Business will soon be available on SocialConnect.

Both SocialConnect and EmailConnect enable small businesses to allow customers to switch from an email threat to messaging conversations, or from a tweet to a direct message, through a mere click of a button.

By bringing email and social communications to the LiveEngage platform, businesses can take advantage of more unified, streamlined and efficient customer care operations, while simultaneously reducing training and agency costs.

With a more streamlined approach to social conversations, small businesses can also benefit from increased consumer engagement and conversations in their customers’ preferred messaging channels.

With access to LivePerson’s powerful AI and intent-based tools, greater personalization can be implemented within conversations to customers, ultimately enhancing the customer experience and relationship with a brand.

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